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How I Ditched My Make-Up Routine & Went ‘All Natural’

Hello beautiful!
I want to share with you the beautiful journey of celebrating my own unique beauty that has unraveled from discontinuing the practice of wearing make-up. I have been so energized from how good it feels to be in my natural skin.

Before sharing this experience with you, it feels important to say that…

I don’t think wearing make-up is bad.

I acknowledge that for many it’s a great pleasure to apply make-up and can even be an artistic and creative expression for those who choose to wear it.

Regardless of your relationship with make-up, I encourage all to consider exploring a trial period without it to explore your feelings and attitudes around your self-image as well as your ingrained perception of beauty, either natural or enhanced.

Like most things I’ve come to live without…

It started with a 30-day challenge.

I’ve experimented and researched many 30 and 21-day challenges in the past, because I enjoy trying new things, challenging and questioning habits that have been taught to me as opposed to enthusiastically chosen and forming healthier and more sustainable lifestyle practices.

Challenges are a fantastic way to explore something new and see if it jives!
What drew my interest to a 30-day no make-up challenge was how I felt on the days I didn’t apply make-up.
If I wasn’t wearing make-up, I found myself feeling less beautiful when looking at my reflection. I felt more insecure and less put together. I felt less confident in my own natural skin. I didn’t like that I felt less worthy. I liked how make-up made me feel as if I was flawless with perfectly toned skin and long, dark eyelashes…

I believed I had flaws that needed to be covered.
When jumping into this 30-day challenge, I found the first couple of days VERY challenging. I felt a little less beautiful and confident on those days, because I was looking at the blemishes on my face. I focused heavily on the lines under my eyes, blemishes on my skin or veins under my nose. Anything I could witness that I would normally cover up with make up caused a lot of emotional discomfort to look at. But as the days and weeks went on…

I began to embrace my own skin.
Major gains achieved from this challenge:
  • Growing confidence in my natural skin
  • Healing and improving the overall quality of my skin

After eliminating make up from my life, my skin quickly became smoother, clearer and healthier. Suddenly, I noticed how glowing my skin was. By the end of the challenge, I found myself loving and appreciating my make-up free face.

I didn’t want to go back to wearing make up anymore…
I noticed my skin actually had the room to breathe and clear up any little blemishes I did have. I used to have small veins, blemishes and dry spots around my nose and eyes. I felt as if I always had to wear foundation and cover-up so that I would look less tired.

There were a lot of little things I didn’t like on my face so I felt pressured to cover them up. But with this make-up free month, all of these things cleared up with no additional support.

By removing heavy foundations and the ritual of caking thick cover-up on our skin, we give our skin permission to heal. When you’re putting make up on your face, it doesn’t give your skin the opportunity to breath and to clear up any blemishes that you have. To the contrary, your skin absorbs whatever you place on it and many chemical heavy make-ups fills our skin with toxins and ingredients that don’t support skin health and vitality.

In middle and high school I use to get these massive zits, one after another.
As soon as one would clear up, I would get another somewhere else on my face. It was like all of the toxins in my body chose one pore to crawl into and fill up. They were really painful and stubborn, as I wasn’t able to pop them and they would protrude from my face.

When I stopped wearing make up these pimples cleared up naturally. I haven’t had one of those in SO long, I can’t even remember. Maybe it was a combination of that and the fact that I was actually starting to love myself again and love my natural beauty like I did when I was a kid.

I didn’t find myself obsessing over the small “imperfections” on my face. We only relate to these things as imperfections because we are taught to view them as such. We are conditioned to nit pick and point out anything that can be covered or changed.

When we’re younger, we don’t think about those things. It felt really good to get back to that place of loving myself, loving my face and not having any problems with it.

I’ve talked about this a couple of times in past videos, and a lot of people comment…

“If I was naturally pretty and I had a naturally clear face I wouldn’t wear make up either.”

My love, if these are thoughts you’ve had I just want to say to you, YOU ARE naturally beautiful. You just haven’t chosen to embrace your beauty yet. And that’s the truth.
Another thing people have brought up is the reactions they get when they choose to not wear make-up for a day. Viewers have shared with me that others will comment that they look sick or tired.

This only happens because you’ve created and assigned a certain image of yourself that includes you wearing make up. The people in your life maybe use to that and are responding from what looks different to them. As soon as you change the image that you’re in control of and transition into a natural image, people will get use to your new norm.

It is my hope that my experience inspires you to give a trial period without make-up a try. Feeling intimidated by a whole month?… then start with a week, two, maybe even three.

Set goals and ambitions that feels right for YOU.
I encourage you to explore self-love and affirming practices during your challenge period. Each day, look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, “I am beautiful, no matter what’s on my face. I am beautiful in my natural skin.

Compliment the features you love and appreciate. “I have beautiful eyes.” “My smile can light up a room.” “My nose is perfect the way it is.” “I have divine lips that don’t need to be outlined by anything.” “I have glowing skin that will only get more beautiful as I continue to take care of myself and create a healthier lifestyle.”

“I love and accept myself as I am.”

“I am so beautiful, I am so beautiful, I am so beautiful… in my natural skin.”

By saying something like that to yourself in the mirror it will make this whole process that much easier, not to mention joyful!

Embrace your natural beauty. Give your skin permission to heal. Love and embrace yourself as you are. Do not let anyone else define your beauty.

You are so beautiful. You just need to choose to see it for yourself.

With love,


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