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4 Practices to Achieve Clear & Vibrant Skin

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is how I’ve acquired a smooth, glowing complexion…

We all have the ability to care for our skin in a way that leaves it beaming, smooth and shining with vitality!

In addition to not wearing make-up, which in my experience allows my skin to breath and heal and cultivates an appreciation for each of our own unique natural beauty…

I attribute my healthy skin to these 4 easy practices…

1. Eat Your Greens

I eat a very alkaline diet, rich with water dense plant food. I have completely eliminated processed foods and animal products from my diet for many reasons, one of which being the acidity of these food choices. Acidic food does not contribute positively to the condition of your skin or your body’s overall health. I choose to eat plant food and more specifically, I choose to eat hydrating, alkaline foods, which means fresh fruit and vegetables, most of the time.

I would never want you to feel limited by a raw vegan diet… and you don’t have to be! You can achieve healthy by staying well hydrated on a vegan diet as well. If you choose not to consume a mostly raw diet just be sure you are staying properly hydrated. This will help your body flush out any present toxins, which in turn will help improve your skin.

2. Get Movin’

I exercise almost on a daily basis. Exercise helps sweat out additional toxins. Whenever I go for a run or have an awesome weight lifting session, where I’m sweating intensely, I always feel cleansed and refreshed with my post workout shower. My skin looks and feels so much better with a movement practice that gets my sweat flowing. When I neglect my exercise routine and don’t a good sweat in, the condition of my skin begins to decline.

3. Get Plenty of Sleep

My sleep routine is very, very important to me. I do my best to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night but it tends to be closer to 10 hours on average.

Despite the importance of rest, the majority of the world suffers from inadequate sleep. The impact of this deficit can often be told first by signs of your skin. It causes stress in your body and makes it difficult for any cleansing to take place, including cleansing of the skin.

Make sleep a priority and witness the positive effects it will have on your skin and overall health. Give your body time to rejuvenate and heal each night with a deep, uninterrupted rest.

4. De-stress

About a year ago, I found myself in an entanglement of emotional stress. Despite my alkaline diet, regular exercise routine and ample sleep, I found my skin breaking out. This time of my life continued to affirm the negative impact stress can have on the body and furthered my understanding of the importance of emotional care and management.

Choose 3 activities that help you de-stress, whether that be taking a walk, listening to your favorite album, meditating, etc. and make it a point to invest time into this practice regularly.

We have a tendency of overcomplicating things when we really just need to focus on taking care of ourselves from the inside out. Despite multi-billion dollar advertisements striving to tell you otherwise, you can ditch the expensive and chemical rich lotions and creams! Instead of layering all these things on our outsides in hopes of feeling and looking better.

The path to glowing, youthful skin is as simple and natural as the suggestions listed above. Stop covering up and allow your natural beauty shine through. You are beautiful. ♡

Sending lots of love and light your way! Muuah! 😘

Love + light,


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