Hiii, I’m Alyse Parker!

Most of my friends call me A. Parks or Lil’ Nugget (I’m 4’10” tall) 🙈

While my online community refers to me as the big sister they never had (but always wanted).

Some of my favorite things are…
Petting ALL the dogs.
Asking deep, inquisitive questions.
Exploring my consciousness.
Helping millions of women take action towards their dreams
(Wait, what? MILLIONS?)

I know, kinda crazy…
Here’s the story…

from Rock Bottom to

Rock Solid

My little 19 year old self was going to college at Life University in Marietta Georgia.

I was struggling with self-harm, disordered eating, an adderall addiction, alcohol abuse, and toxic friendships.

I constantly felt pulled by others’ expectations, opinions, and ideas of who they wanted me to be.

It felt like I was living multiple lives… Putting on a mask of “everything is okay” even when it felt like the opposite.

I could keep up the “confident mask” for a while…

until a stressful event would arise or I’d return back to my hometown, then it all went up in flames and I felt like I was starting over…

1 step forward, three steps backward.

It felt like my world was crashing down.

I was depressed, insecure, and desperate to find a way out of the darkness.

But I had no idea how to help myself feel better or how to love myself.

After a night of partying until 4am and overeating until I was physically in pain…

I felt so alone, so worthless, and so disgusted with myself.

My inner critic kept telling me that I didn’t deserve to live…

I hit my rock bottom.

And that’s when I did something I’d never done before…

I walked over to the toilet and put my fingers down my throat. As last night’s food was pouring out of my mouth, something in me snapped and said…

This is NOT the life I am meant to live. My birthday is one month away. I have to change so that I’m better by the time I turn 20.

I needed to get clear on what had to change.

I remember staying up late that night and journaling about what my dream life looked like.

My mind kept circling back to a few core things:

I knew that if I wanted this life for myself,

I needed to take full responsibility.

Nobody was going to come and save me.

I had to do this for myself.

I knew I had to drop out of school to take the next step towards my dreams…

but I was so nervous about what my parents would think.

I was hesitant to leave my relationship because there was no monumental problem…

I was scared to diverge from the norm because I knew that I would be fully responsible if I didn’t succeed…


A mentor told me,

You don’t need the approval from anyone else in order to
move forward and pursue your dreams.

…and in that moment, everything changed.

That was the sign I needed to finally surrender to my dreams and take the path less traveled, a path designed by ME, one that would lead to everything I dreamed of for myself.

I was finally ready. I made a complete 180 shift.

I pursued self growth like it was my damn job.

I researched online, started watching YouTubers, and immersing myself in positive content.

From all of this new information, I noticed some common themes of growth focused action steps.

With no time to wait, I dove straight in🚀.

I started journaling, meditation, affirmations, eating healthier, early morning runs, the list goes on…

Within a matter of weeks I was a completely different version of myself…

I felt happier, healthier, and I FINALLY caught my stride.

and it’s been a complete upward spiral ever since.

becoming a certified health coach
hiking the appalachian
getting dreadlocks
experiencing 'van life'
hosting retreats in hawaii

Now it's 2020 and...

I am living out the dreams that my younger self wrote in her journal.

The impact that YouTube has allowed me to have is something I will forever be grateful for…

But it hasn’t come without challenge.

I am human after all 🙂

My message is not to strive for perfection,

my message is to…

embrace change + keep moving
forward no matter what.

In order to live my dream life,
I needed to make a commitment to become a fearless leader.

Which means prioritizing my mission over everything. And accepting that growth may feel uncomfortable at times.

I embraced change and I used “failures” as fuel.

Whether it was relationships that needed to come to an end, leaving jobs that were no longer serving me, launching my own program that didn’t perform as well as I hoped for, or showing up online in a way that felt a bit out of alignment…

I always asked myself, “What can I learn from this?” while simultaneously understanding that these “mistakes” are what make me human and perfectly okay.

As magical as my current reality may be, I am NOT here for people to live vicariously through me.

I am here to help ambitious women who are committed to growth and ready to step into your full potential.

I am here to give you the permission slip to dream big + Level Up.

I am here to teach you how to build confidence, enhance your productivity, and attract abundance.

I am here to teach you how to cut ties from your past conditioning, remember who you really are, and create a life of fulfillment + freedom.

Are you ready to rise?

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