Rock Bottom to

I hit rock bottom in college.

My diet was the worst… coffee, chocolate, BBQ, and way too much soda and alcohol.

I was also addicted to Adderall. I took it to lose weight. But my parents found out and that ended that. Then my weight shot up to the highest it had ever been.

I felt gross, and so I isolated from all my friends. I even stopped connecting with my family. I felt so alone that I had suicidal thoughts and began cutting myself.

To try and numb the pain, I was binge eating. Often I would return to my dorm room after class with a bottle of wine and a bag of chips, consume it all and just sleep.

I had no idea how to help myself feel better or how to love myself.

My roommate, Carlie, is the only person I still hung out with. But her and I partied way too much. Thursday-Sunday.

One night, we go out partying then to a diner afterwards and I over eat again.

I wake the next morning still painfully full. My ribs are sore from eating so much.

And that’s when I do something I’d never done before..

I walk over to the toilet and put my fingers down my throat.

As last night’s food is pouring out of my mouth, something in me snaps and says:

This is not the life I am meant to live. My birthday is one month away. I have to change so that I’m better
by the time I turn twenty.

With inspiration from a health conscious YouTuber, I began doing all that I could to live healthier. I knew that if they were capable of living a vibrant life, so was I. I began journaling everyday. Speaking positively about myself (even though it was hard). Meditating. Hiking. And discovering healthier food choices.

A lot changed in a year.

One year later, I was teaching about healthy eating at a local raw vegan cafe called Life Grocery. I had a new group of friends who were inspired by my changes and I was showing them and other interested people how to prepare Zucchini noodles with blended avocado and mango sauce. What’s funny is that I’d only lost 5 pounds that year, but everything was different because I had transformed my mindset. About 3 years later, I was sharing my journey of manifestation with more than ½ million YouTube subscribers. And today, I’m infinitely grateful that my rock bottom taught me the most important lesson I’ve learned yet,

We are all worthy of living in abundance.


Alyse Parker, the founder of Alignment Accelerator + retreat host, created this platform to focus on empowerment and self-love.

She was born and raised in Connecticut, then moved to Georgia to study at Life University. At this time Alyse was also going to school online with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach (became certified in 2015).

Only 8 months from graduating at Life University she decided to drop out of college and pursue her dream of living in Hawaii and inspiring people around the world to live a healthier lifestyle.

She established Alyse Parker (formerly Raw Alignment) in late 2014 and in less than 3 years has gained over half a million YouTube subscribers. It's no surprise that Alyse's channel has exploded… her subscribers often refer to her as “the older sister they never had” and say things like “It's so refreshing to watch [Alyse's] videos because I always walk away feeling motivated to take action towards my goals” + “the world would be a brighter place if more people lived the way that Alyse does”.

 The main message she shares via social media is the concept to

Spread the love to everyone you possibly can.

Alyse is also an advocate for embracing our natural bodies (ex: body hair on women), living simply (minimizing our material belongings), fitness (especially weightlifting), and of course… cultivating self-love!

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