Whether you’re tuned into the state and happenings in the world or facing hardship in your interpersonal relationships, there are a number of influences that can lead us to closing shop on our hearts.

Do you find yourself feeling disconnected from your heart center? Or perhaps your riding the waves between feeling heart-full and cracked wide open to retreating to ice queen tendencies of freezing over and shoving others out.

Often, we close our hearts off from others in the world as a means of protecting ourselves from the fear of feeling more pain and hurt in life. And at times, this instinct isn’t entirely off the mark.

Life will come with experiences of pain and suffering. And while a closed heart can help us feel protected temporarily, with time, it can lead to us feeling severed from our own sense of self.

Knowing that life will come with its plethora of experiences to make us want to shrivel up and hide, its wise of us to cultivate habits that will help fully bloom again after these instances.

Joyful Connection

Ask yourself, “What brings me back to my heart?”

  • When I’m feeling down and isolated from my joy, nothing brings me back to myself faster than rekindling with loved ones in my life.
  • Does your heart melt at the sound of your grandmother calling you by your childhood nickname? Give her a call!
  • Do you feel seen, cared for and fully appreciated by your best friend? Then reach out and create time and space to cherish each other.

Prioritizing time to be with the ones we love and adore not only supports us in trying times, but it also takes care of our loved ones too. Put in the effort to reach out and care for those you hold precious and you’ll find that you’ll feel cared for in return too.

Freely Give Your Time and Talents

Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

What does this mean for you? If you’re not sure, ask yourself daily and listen to the voice inside of you.

When you feel deflated from wishing for the world to be different, try doing something that actually makes a difference. You’d be surprised at how the smallest acts of kindness can create huge ripple effects.

Volunteering your time to an organization, message, campaign or cause is a great way to feel of service to the much needed healing of the world. Giving something to someone without any hope of reciprocation can also be uplifting for not only you, but also the people around you.

YOU have the potential and power to participate and aid in the transformation and healing of the world.

When you look to the world, what brings you the greatest grief?

Whatever it is that ails your heart, and if you’re like me, there may be too many to name, know that you have the power to remedy it in some way.

Haven’t got a clue on how to get engaged with service and activism work? Use the Idealist database to found volunteering opportunities near you.

Fan Your Fires of Hope

After reading the headlines or tuning into the news broadcast, we can all feel a little bummed about the state of the world. So much so, that some days, it may feel hard to even get out of bed. We must ask ourselves, how do we remain hopeful and open-hearted?

We do so by shining our light of awareness on all that is good in the world today.

If you only consume media content from mainstream news outlets, chances are, you’re only seeing reality from a skewed perception based on fear and separation.

It is up to you to seek out alternative news and media content that showcases positive story telling. Check out Yes Magazine and Positive News to learn about and celebrate the efforts of every-day world-impacting heroes. There is so much content to nourish and stoke our hope for humanity… we just have to be willing to look for it.

Listen to Your Heart

When my heart is open, my perception of life is that of gratitude and love. It comes with great ease to witness and experience the blessings in the smallest and most mundane things. When this connection is severed, heaviness, absence of energy and pessimism lead my thoughts.

There’s no need to repress or deny when our hearts decide to close its door to the world for a moment. Often, these are opportunities to turn inwards to reflect upon our emotional experience to access how we can better support and meet our needs to unravel and open again.

Never lose sight of the tools you have within you. You are armed with them as the compass and map leading you back home to your heart. And the more you use them, the quicker and more easeful your recovery from a broken or disconnected heart can be.

You are supported.
Your open, overflowing, loving heart is a gift to the world.
We need it and you.
Please don’t keep it closed for too long.



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