For many of us, when life brings us turbulent waters of great change and challenging circumstances, our default response often looks like resistance and aversion to impermanence.

During difficult times, do you find yourself praying and wishing for your circumstances to different? Do you observe your mind fixating on how you’d prefer your situation to be instead of asking for the strength and courage to navigate it with grace and tact?

We all know what it’s like to sink in the lulls and shadowy moments of life. If you find yourself now consumed by the shadows or descending to a mucky bottom, ask yourself, “Is my relationship to my circumstances supporting me or creating unnecessary suffering?”

We all have the ability to cultivate attitudes and skillful means to endure and triumphant over the tough patches in life. By doing so, we can transform our outlook on the murkiest of situations as opportunities of growth, confidence and resilience building.

Just with a shift of perception, all that you endure has the potential to evolve you.

Practicing Acceptance

Learning to accept what is not in our control while releasing our preferences to how we rather experience things is a skill that can transform our entire perception and experience of life’s events.

Despite our purest intentions and efforts of integrity, life at times will play a sour note.

It is easy to slip into the mental chatter and monologue of asking, “Why me?” and “What did I do to deserve this?”

It is easy to beg and pray for the Universe to make the discomforts and chaos to simply go away.

But the truth is, without the challenges we face in life, we would be skipping out on the experiences that gift us with the deepest of teachings and lessons.

Practice surrendering.

Understand that through this you are upgrading and coming into greater alignment with your higher self. Have faith that what life brings your way is the embodiment of wisdom and teachings you are prepared and capable of receiving. Practice acceptance of all of life’s gifts… knowing that both our joys and our “curses” bring blessings and lessons.

Changing What’s in Our Control

By redirecting our resistance to circumstances we cannot change to the ones we can, we empower ourselves to be the grand architects of our lives.

When at odds with a difficult occurrence, ask yourself, “What is in my control in this situation? And how can I influence it for the better?”

We are all capable of impacting the outcomes of our lives when we focus our energy and attention on the factors that are in our control. And when we do so with the criteria of honoring our truth and saying no to what does not serve us, we are bound to limit what does not uplift us while making room for what does.

Act, speak and think from a place of self-love and appreciation, compassion and honesty, knowing that through this embodiment of integrity you have the power to shift any painful moment to witness its blessings.

Wisdom to See the Lessons

When there is no difference between your curses and your blessings, all there is left is gratitude.

When we cultivate our ability to decipher the meaning and blessings in all situations, including the difficult ones, we dissolve our rejection of life’s lessons.

Regardless of what life throws your way, deepen your faith and trust that is has arrived to teach you profound lessons. All that you experience is shaping you, your purpose, your journey, and your destiny.

Will you allow life to present you with the exact experiences and lessons to bring you into greater alignment with yourself? Can you bring yourself to say yes to all hardships knowing that they are shaping you into a wiser, kinder, stronger version of yourself?

Your hardships, your joys, your passions, your resistances…. they are all connected. They are all molding you.

Embrace it.

Putting it into Practice

Say out loud and affirm for yourself:

“I see the blessings in all situations.”

Say out loud and affirm for yourself:

“All that I welcome transforms me.”

Trust that all situations that arise in your life are here because you are ready and capable to weather them. You are a warrior prepared by all previous moments and experiences in your life to triumph and overcome.

Be persistent and committed to reconstruct your relationship and perception to hardships. If you continue to see doom and gloom in all challenging situations, be gentle with yourself. Rewriting habitual patterns and thoughts is a life-long journey and one well-worth taking.

While this change in attitude may take time and effort to establish as your default, you can turn to affirmations and prayer to remind you of the choice you have in all situations.

To remind myself to decipher the lessons and blessings in all situations I turn to the “Serenity Prayer.”

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the courage to know the difference.”

You create your reality through your thoughts and perceptions. When you learn and practice to see life’s lulls and challenges as teachings from the Universe you are destined to receive, then all situations can be welcomed.

When we learn to ride and adapt to the waves of life, we will never sink.



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