The initial moments of our day, from the very second we wake throughout our preparation for the tasks ahead, hold the utmost importance in shaping and affecting the mindset and attitude we’ll navigate the remaining day’s demands with.

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, consider these powerhouse practices to influence and impact the opening chapters of your days for the better.

Speak or Think Positive Affirmations

Our thoughts shape our reality so it may come as little surprise that our first thought of the day holds great weight and power. It’s easy to send out an invitation for our own personal rain cloud if our first waking thought is that of dread and frustration.

A sure way to write a positive morning script is to think or speak out loud positive affirmations for your day. Affirmations are a remarkable tool to shift your way of thinking to better attract, practice or embody attributes and experiences you are longing to live.

“My life moves with grace.” “I have the power to change my life.” “I don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Seize the day with positive, empowering and affirmative thoughts to carry you from dawn-to-dark.

Mirror Work

We are aligned for success when we relate to and think of ourselves with loving, confident attitudes. For many of us, we may feel leaps and bounds away from our ultimate self-love journeys, but do not fret! There are immense tools and methods to support us along our path.

A super accessible and effective process that we can engage just about anywhere is mirror work.

So how does mirror work work?

Mirror work is an extension of affirmation practices that we say to our reflections in front of a mirror. The mirror serves to reflect back the feelings you have for yourself and can display immediately our resistances and obstacles to receiving and holding ourselves in high-esteem.

While this can feel strange, awkward and even at times lacking of authenticity at first, as you learn to do mirror work, you will become more aware of the things you say and do to yourself and with time, come to care for yourself deeper than you ever have before.

Setting Intentions

Embark on each day by setting intentions or goals for the moments unfolding ahead. Each morning I take the time to write out an intention to practice and focus on for my day, which serves as fuel to feed the fires of my growth and goals, but also supports me in cultivating attributes and virtues I am trying to embody more with each day.

Intentions can be written to specific tasks you are aiming to complete or for grander goals and themes in your life.

For example, if you’ve been struggling with your inner critic jabbing you with frequent criticisms and thoughts of self-doubt, you can set the intention to practice thinking kind, supportive thoughts towards yourself.

Whatever your ambitions and pursuits in your current life maybe, setting intentions to achieve them is sealing prayers and agreements with the Universe for your success!

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is the attitude for a life full of joy and bliss. When we steer our attention towards the blessings we already hold in life, instead of fixating on what we long for and may not have, we allow ourselves to see how supported and held we are in life.

By gifting yourself the time each morning to write a handful of things you give thanks for, you give permission for a perspective that appreciates all the blessings in your life. You could do this in a personal journal or share your practice with a loved one or friend through a shared medium/platform of your choosing. Or consider posting on an online forum, such as the Raw Alignment Community Facebook page, inviting and encouraging others to express and share their gratitudes too.

The more you make room for gratitude in your life, the more you’ll find yourself celebrating the smallest of joys, giving life and energy for happiness to triumph over apathy any day.

Physical Movement

Feeling lethargic first thing in the morning? Get moving! Sometimes the greatest remedy for a lack of energy is to use energy to create more.

Making time as soon as you wake up to get your blood flowing and heart pumping is, to me, far superior to any wakefulness you can achieve from stimulants such as coffee.

There are various ways to move your body, from jogging, body weight workouts or power walking to hula hooping, dancing or yoga… get imaginative and choose an exercise activity that inspires and excites you.

Not only will you increase stamina, body strength and even flexibility, but the increase in endorphins, a mood-boosting hormone your body produces when you exercise, will keep you smiling too!

Need support or motivation getting started? Check out my guided body-weight workouts here.

Healthy Breakfast

Fueling your body with vibrant, energy producing foods is important any time of the day, but holds an even greater emphasis first meal of the day. Our fast-food, on the go, convenience foods culture has encouraged many of us to run out of the door either without nourishing our bodies at all or chomping down on something empty of nutritious fuel to power us through our day.

When standing in front of your fridge or cupboard in the morning ask yourself, “What can I give my body to feel the sharpest, most energized version of myself?”

Make time to sit and enjoy this meal with mindful, slow paced chews and your full attention. Food is a rich sensory experience. Choose items that are abundant in colors and chock full of life, like fruit smoothies or bowls.

Dance to Your Favorite Song

Find yourself moaning and groaning to the pulse of your alarm clock each morning? Try switching up your beats to your current favorite song to invite a smile to your face and a wiggle, twirl or shimmy out of bed each morning. It can boost your mood and open up your light-hearted, playful side too!


For many of us, the moments between when we rise and when we rest for the day can be chock full of stressful and overwhelming happenings. When we struggle to find a firm foundation in life, days, weeks and even months can go by without us experiencing a moment of peace and quiet.

Cultivating a daily meditation practice comes not only with the promise of time to drop in with yourself and your breath each day, but talks a strong game of other benefits too: from increased relaxation and concentration to boosting immunity and cardiovascular health, there are immense reasons to consider slowing down and spending some precious moments on your meditation cushion.

First thing in the morning is an optimal period to set your timer and put in the effort to still and quiet your mind.

Feeling inspired to get started but don’t know where to begin? Check out this article on tips to start cultivating your meditation practice today.

First Things First

Whether you incorporate one or all of these suggested practices, celebrate your efforts to put your well being and balanced whole-body health first. Life will always have demands and tasks that beg to pull us away from our own self-care. It is up to us to determine and shape a lifestyle and culture that puts our care and well being where it should be… at the top of our priority list.

When we are nourished and whole in our self-care practices we are able to show up for our duties and responsibilities in life with greater strength, balance and stamina.

You are worthy and capable of caring for yourself wholly.fa

Start today.



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