“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.”
– C. Joybell C.

We all experience life through the lens and perspective of our inner monologue. And too often, this commentary has been driven by pure negativity. We easily get caught in patterns of pessimism and become more likely to cast judgment, doubt and heavy criticism towards ourselves when things go wrong.

With effort and intention, we all have the power to shift this inner self-talk and sustain an affirmative and cheerful outlook on life.

Change the Script

What we focus on grows.

So if your inner dialogue is spouting off ideas about yourself that limit you, make you feel less than you are or that you are not worthy of achieving your dreams, it is time to shift your narrative.

Try it with me now:

“I am no longer a victim of my past. I clear away any thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving me. All my thoughts propel me into the direction I wish to be.”

Create your own, and use it as a mantra and tool to remind yourself daily. It's important to practice this when you're in a good place, as it's the habit that will drive you forward when you're in a not so good place.


Don’t Dwell on the Gloom

Its clear how great of an impact this inner voice can have on our experience.

We can see this easiest when we make mistakes in our lives.

In these moments, we are vulnerable to the self-deprecating messages that rain heavily upon us for tripping up. Perhaps you’ve been replaying the same thought in response to missteps since you were a child. Maybe there was someone in your life that made you feel immense guilt and shame for your oversights, telling you things like, “You’ll never amount to anything,” or “You can’t do anything right.”

While we can’t change what others have said to us as a result of our shortcomings, we can change how we react to our mistakes today, because they will happen, to all of us.

Change the script and instead affirm,

“I choose to learn and grow from my mistakes.”

  • writing three things you are proud about yourself
  • writing three things you think you would like to work on/improve

With this approach, you can applaud your efforts in each scene while being optimistic and constructive in how you can grow and integrate lessons from your experiences.

Celebrate Your Greatness

There’ll be no shortage of critics trying to chop us down on our path. So why allow your inner voice to be one of them?

By focusing on our best qualities, we nourish them and give permission for our self-appreciation to blossom and grow.

Make a list of your best qualities.
  • What are your natural talents and gifts?
  • What characteristics do your loved ones value in you most?
  • What important roles do you fulfill in your life that adds value to those around you?

If you feel discouraged if these traits don’t come to you quickly, please don’t give up.

Choose to persevere.

I promise that for every negative message that replays in your head, there is a positive truth that you live today to override it with

Choose Uplifting Company

In order for us to clean out the negative clutter of our minds, we need to be cautious of what messages we receive, consume and surround ourselves with.

We won’t always be able to control what messages influence us, but we do have the choice of who we surround ourselves with.

You are so deserving of friends that reflect your beauty and uniqueness.

The further you trek on this road of positive self-talk, the greater confidence and joy you will emanate, increasing your magnetism to people of similar vibrations.

Make room for them by refusing to accept anyone who drags you down or nourishes negative thinking about yourself.

Shape Your Life

Positive self-talk does not aim to deceive us of the truth of life.

I trust you have lived and learned enough from your own experiences to know there will be difficulties in life. We will experience hardships, and we will make mistakes.

The way we relate to these occurrences will influence how we cope and navigate them.

Positive self-talk is an opportunity to see the silver lining in each challenging circumstance we endure, knowing that all that we welcome has the potential to transform us.

If we allow ourselves to perceive it, we can see the truth that each happening in our life manifests to move us forward in our own enhancement and to continue moving forward.

Love + light,


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