We all have the power to choose and take actions everyday that bring us closer to being the best versions of ourselves. Today I will be sharing with you 5 tips and practices to do just that!

Tip #1. Engage in positive self-talk and affirmations

When you wake up in the morning look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “I love you.”

Its okay if this feels a little awkward at first. That’s common for lots of people. If it does feel strange, don’t feel pressured to look yourself in the mirror. You can do this practice when laying or sitting up in bed, closing your eyes or keeping them open and saying, “I love myself… I love myself… I love myself unconditionally!” You can say this out loud, silently in your mind or written out on paper.

However you choose to do it, commit to say this to yourself every single morning.

Loving yourself is essential for becoming the best version of yourself.

In addition to speaking words of love to yourself, its super important to become aware of when you put yourself down. There’s ample bullies in the world! Why be one to yourself?

For every negative thing you say about yourself, whether about your body or character, be sure to say that many positive things to overpower and retrain habitual thought patterns that put you down.

The more you are able to do this, the stronger your awareness of these limiting tendencies will become, making you all the more able to dissolve them.

Another tip is to fill your mind with positive affirmations and to be sure to say them in the present tense, as if you already feel this way and believe these things to be true. Instead of saying “I am going to live in abundance,” say, “I am living in abundance right now.”

         » “I deserve respect in relationships.”

         » “I am worthy of being surrounded by inspiring people.”

         » “I am worthy of feeling healthy and vibrant.”

Say these positive affirmations to yourself and fill your mind with positivity.

Tip #2. Practice conscious consumerism

I know most commonly this term is associated with purchasing ethically sourced and produced merchandise, but I am also extending it to use it as an umbrella term for just about everything!

» Consuming social media

» Consuming things that your family says to you

» Consuming photos that you’re seeing

» Consuming videos or movies you are watching

» Consuming posts that you’re reading

Be conscious of the things you are consuming.

Examine what you’re tolerating to come into your mind.

Make sure that your mind is not being filled with negativity and a mindset of lack. I encourage you to fill your social media and your real life relationships with people who inspire you, support, love and care for you and want to see you succeed. Fill your life with the people who help you realize just how much you are capable of.

Access what content you are taking in and what messages, attitudes and values they add to your life.

Eliminate things that do not serve you and do not uplift you.

This will make room for positivity to come into your life and this, will in turn, will allow you to get closer to actualizing the best version of yourself.

Tip #3. Expand your knowledge and your awareness

There are three particular ways I want to share with you to expand your insight.

1. Engage in meaningful conversations with other people and learn from their personal experience.

2. Learn from your own experiences. Go out there and do things! Learning through lived experiences is probably the most effective way to integrate knowledge and lessons into your life. Your experiences and the wisdom derived from them are valid.

3. Expand your knowledge and awareness through reading books or listening to audio books.

Consider these book recommendations to inform and transform the way you relate to yourself, the world and reach your greatest potential:

“The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer

“The Surrender Experiment” by Michael A. Singer

“You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero

Another tip to expand your knowledge and awareness is to get stoked about self growth. I know I may sound like a nerd when I say that, but I mean it! Get excited about learning and experiencing new things and growing as a person, because this will broaden your perspective on the world and change the way you interact with it. It will change your personal dynamic and it will help shape you as a person.

Tip # 4. Take care of your body

It is important to maintain a healthy body inside and out. In addition to being conscious of the things you’re consuming via media or real life interactions and relationships, as well as taking care of your emotional and mental wellbeing, its just as important to take care of your physical body.

Choose to fuel your body with nutrient dense food.

» Plant foods

» Whole foods

» Fresh fruits and vegetables

» Stay hydrated.

If you’re fueling your body with nutrient dense foods you’re going to enhance your energy levels and have more mental clarity. These benefits, along with many others, are going to make you feel the best and be that best version of yourself that you’re seeking.

While high vibrant, nutrient-packed foods play a key role in optimal health, so does getting enough rest. This is vital! I’m sure you know what its like to be super exhausted. Strive to get adequate rest on a regular basis. Try not to run yourself down if you can avoid it. If you feel run down replenish your energy. Take time for yourself. Sleep extra if you need to. Journal. Go for a walk. Curl up in your bed. Do whatever it takes to care for your body.

And of course, get active! You want to make sure that you’re maintaining a healthy, fit and strong body. So do what it takes to get there in a way that feels best for you. Explore and choose a movement practice that excites you and leaves you feeling accomplished after each practice, session or class.

Tip # 5. Challenge yourself

Push your limits.

Step out of your comfort.

Try new things.

It is often when we experience discomfort or unfamiliar territory that our greatest growth occurs.

If you’re scared to try something new, take a paced approach by first choosing a baby step. What is a tiny, realistic goal that you’ve considered pursuing, but simply have not yet begun? Start there.

By starting with the tiniest, little goal and succeeding you will gain confidence and empowerment to make it to your next, bigger goal. And when you achieve those goals you can look back and think, “Wow, I can’t believe I accomplished that. I never thought I could do that!”

If you are feeling discouraged before you have even begun, you are denying yourself the opportunity to progress. Give yourself permission to try. There is no failure in trying. Celebrate your efforts and before you know it you are going to be doing things you never thought were possible.

I’m going to tell you a secret…. This means you’re growing!

~ You are worthy, deserving and capable of becoming this best version of yourself ~


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