Calling all growth focused ladies,

Calling all growth focused ladies,

Do you want to align with your Higher Self and courageously take action towards your dreams?

Learn how to set a new standard for yourself, stay consistent with self-care, and give yourself permission to shine WITHOUT falling back into old patterns

Do you want to align with your Higher Self and courageously take action towards your dreams?

Learn how to set a new standard for yourself, stay consistent with self-care, and give yourself permission to shine WITHOUT falling back into old patterns


  • feeling completely FREE from the opinions and expectations of others
  • having true love and appreciation for yourself, even on the hard days.
  • being capable of making BIG life decisions with ease and confidence 
  • feeling relaxed, at peace, and capable of achieving your dreams
  • having practical + proven tools for connecting with your Higher Self
  • knowing exactly how to get back on track whenever you feel out of alignment
  • Do you want this to be your reality?

    Higher Self Initiation is a 30 day online course that helps you build confidence, cultivate inner peace, and connect deeper with your higher self. This course was designed for women who are ready to break-free from past conditioning and finally experience the alignment and abundance you deserve.

    When you join, you will receive weekly video modules, guided meditations, and daily journal prompts to support you in cultivating an unwavering connection with your higher self. Say goodbye to limiting beliefs, habits, and patterns that are blocking you from this connection. Higher Self Initiation provides all of the insight and methods that you need to become a conscious creator of your reality.

    This course will shift your paradigm of what’s possible and show you how to tap into your full potential, step by step.

    This is the RESET that you’ve been looking for.

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    Is this you, sis?

  • You try your best every single day, and yet, you still feel like your higher self is out of reach…
  • You feel like you’re just going through the motions.. instead of intentionally creating your reality.
  • You lack confidence, self worth, and true belief in yourself + your abilities.
  • You experience fleeting moments of alignment and want this as your standard way of being.
  • Your childhood conditioning is holding you back from being the best version of yourself.
  • You know that you’re meant for SO much more, but just aren’t living up to your full potential.
  • If this resonates...

    Higher Self Initiation is for you


    What’s Included?

    Educational Modules

    When you join Higher Self Initiation, you receive 4 weekly modules, intentionally created to expand your mind and support your awakening. One new video module is released each week, each ranging from 10-20 minutes long.

    Practical Action Steps

    Learning new things does not always = transformation. To access a new frequency, you must transmute new insights into tangible practices. In this course, every educational module includes practical action steps to help you create lasting change within yourself and your life.

    Daily Journal Prompts

    If you feel drawn to this course, you are likely also drawn to new perspectives, introspection, and depth. Through 30 daily journal prompts, you will journey deeper into yourself than ever before. Unpacking what’s been pushed under the rug will allow you to set yourself FREE and experience more Life Force Energy.

    Guided Meditations

    One key element to aligning with your Higher Self is clearing out the conditioning that is suppressing the full expression of YOU; and replacing it with a new, more expansive belief system. Higher Self Initiation provides you with 3 essential meditations to support you through this process. These guided meditations will quickly become your new best friends and create a radical shift in your state of consciousness.

    Continued Access

    When you join Higher Self Initiation, you will have continued access to all course content after you complete the course. This includes all updates and enhancements made to the course in the future. Pretty legit. 🙂


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    Ready to align with your Higher Self?

    What's The Process ?

    In the first Module, we explore the current dilemma of what is actually holding us back (both as individuals, and a collective). What is standing in the way of us standing in our power? Why does sticking to our comfort zone and toxic patterns feel easier than pursuing our dreams and fully expressing our divine nature? In Module 1, you will be shown a higher perspective on our current crisis and gain a deeper understanding of what exactly needs to shift in order for you to connect with your Higher Self.

    The term “Higher Self” gets thrown around pretty often in the personal development and spiritual communities. But what does it actually mean? Who IS your Higher Self? When you ask, “What would my Higher Self do in this moment?”…who is answering that question? When you strive to show up as your Higher Self, how are you so sure that your vision of her is pure and not conditioned by societal expectations? In Module 2, you will discover who your Higher Self really is, and meet her (perhaps) for the very first time.

    In Module 3, you will learn a variety of core practices, techniques, and rituals to help you cultivate a line of communication with your Higher Self. This is where it gets juicy! Your intuition will be strengthened. Your manifesting power will be amplified. Your sense of inner peace will deepen. Your unique essence will be more magnetizing. When you consistently communicate with your Higher Self, receive her insights, and implement her guidance into your life… Life itself becomes your playground. 

    How many times have you tried to stick to new habits that you know are ‘good’ for you’ and then find yourself a few days, weeks, or months later right back where you started? And how much have you let the struggle with staying consistent become a part of your identity? In Module 4, I will teach you my step by step process for self-auditing and getting back into connection with your Higher Self. You will learn key indicators of when your alignment begins to slip, so that you can catch yourself and bounce back faster than ever before.


  • Awaken your Higher Self + know exactly how to embody this version of yourself in ALL life situations
  • Discover the root of your blockages, gain a higher perspective, and set yourself FREE from past conditioning
  • Have a set system of practices + rituals to help amplify your connection with your Higher Self
  • Have a proven process to self-audit and get back into alignment whenever you need: this process alone will literally change the game, providing you with confidence + assurance that YOU have the power to shift your frequency
  • Experience a faster “bounce back” rate: when sh*t hits the fan, it will be easier to find your center
  • Have unshakable confidence in who you are and the unique value you have to offer the world.
  • Want this to be your reality?

    Higher Self Initiation will take you there

    I am SO excited for this course!!!
    for 2 main reasons…

    1. Higher Self Initiation is my newest offering and the first course I have created in over 2 years! My creative juices are FLOWING. This new course contains a fresh wave of insight from the past two years of my own healing journey and personal development behind the scenes. The birth of Higher Self Initiation has been a long time coming… and I am so excited to share what feels like the most potent offering I have ever created. I have such a strong, undeniable knowing that the insight shared inside this course is going to reach thousands of women around the world & elevate our collective consciousness.
    2. This course is officially the most affordable course that I offer. After speaking with hundreds of women who applied for my Alignment Accelerator program, I saw SO clearly that our online community is COMMITTED AF to self-growth. And yet, not everyone has the financial means to invest in a high touch coaching experience right now. Higher Self Initiation was intentionally created for those who are eager to learn more and want proven techniques to align with your Higher Self. This is for all of the women who are ready to press the RESET button and finally embody your full potential.

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    have a question?

    It is recommended to dedicate 4 hours per week to the course content. This includes: watching the weekly module, completing action steps, responding to daily journal prompts, and listening to guided meditations.

    Ohh hell yeeah sister! Higher Self Initiation is NOT for the faint of heart. This is for self growth enthusiasts who are ready to become a walking embodiment of their Higher Self. Unless you already feel like you are THERE (with legit no room for enhancement)… this course will be a powerful and transformative experience for you. We are divin’ deep baybiee!

    When Higher Self Initiation launches on April 19th, it will be available for good. The perk to joining NOW is that you get a 50% pre-order discount. The course will never be this price again. 🙂

     Alignment Accelerator is my signature coaching program for women who want to enhance their personal alignment & show up as more strong, confident leaders in the world. This experience involves an extensive 12-week curriculum and high touch support. Higher Self Initiation is my newest offering. This 4-week course contains a fresh wave of insight and methods to help you embody your divine nature. I also created Higher Self Initiation with the intention for this new offering to be more affordable and accessible; because I genuinely believe that the content shared in this course is applicable to everyone.

    Ready to stop going through the motions
    & start living in alignment with your Higher Self?

    Higher Self Initiation



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