Our words are like spells. Each word we utter carries a frequency, a vibration that attracts and propels according to its intention. We often disregard the immense power we possess in our words.

Words and language are the tools we utilize to seek and define meaning to what we experience in life. We can either use this to our advantage, creating a tangible paradise and heaven on Earth in our day-to-day, or to our disadvantage, consumed by a hell-like perception.

You are the creator of your reality.

Your experience in life is formed by how you choose to react to the rising and falling circumstances you navigate. You can either choose to use words that cast a negative projection onto your situation, or you can tell a story of awe and appreciation, radiating positivity into whatever circumstance you encounter.

Say it’s raining on a day you wanted to go to the beach.

You can either be dissatisfied by this situation that is out of your control and say:

“I hate that it’s raining right now”

Or you can focus on the positive:

“I can’t go lay out, but I can read a book or invite some friends over to
hang out and have fun here instead.”

The Story You are Telling Yourself
The words we use have the potential to be detrimental to our quality of life or supportive of our greatness in evolution. Assess the words and story that you use to define yourself.

Do they nourish your growth and feed your potential, or do they hold you back and leave you feeling less than others?

Where did you receive these messages and why do you give them power?

The way we use words to shape our own self-image has tremendous impact on how we navigate the world. Choose a story that celebrates your individual beauty, unique talents and capability to achieve greatness. Build a collage of words that builds you up, not breaks you down.

Skip the Trash Talk

Gossip not only invites a negative charge into our emotional field, it also enforces a sense of separation and superiority to others. This nourishes the ego that feeds off of resentment, cruelty and arrogance, qualities that drive us further away from others and ourselves, leaving us only in isolation.

Gossip also tends to be self-fulfilling, as talking badly about others can often conjure negative and rapid repercussions if the person you speak ill of chooses to respond to your unconscious remarks.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone speaking poorly of you?

Have you felt betrayed after learning one of your closest friends has been making fun of you?

If we can learn anything from being subjected to other people’s misuse of words to cause harm, is to not subject others to the same treatment.

Use words that uplift and inspire others. You have a choice to drag others down or support them on their path. Choose words that go to the heart.

“Speak only the speech that neither torments self nor does harm to others. That speech is truly well spoken. Speak only endearing speech, speech that is welcomed. Speech when it brings no evil to others is pleasant.” –Samma Vaca

The Drain of Idle Chatter

While we all may have different standards of idle chatter, we can all relate to participating in conversations that are foolish or mindless. These kinds of dialogues rarely hold our attention and leave us drained after fighting off daydreams or other mental formation preoccupations that distract our ability to stay alert to what’s being spoken.

The stark contrast is the kind of talks that invigorate us, leave us feeling motivated to take action and often, deeply connected with those we are fostering the dialogue with.

What is the quality of these conversations that make them so powerful and moving?

It’s the content in which they speak of.

Imagine if all the words you spoke were binding like a contract. If you were held accountable to uphold the words you speak, would you choose them differently?

Say what you mean, and dream as a means to accomplish your visions.

If we only spoke of the things that hold great significance in life, we’d likely have a lot more silence in the world. And perhaps that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

In the absence of trivial chit-chat, the room for spirit-nourishing conversations will blossom.

Shape Your Reality with Positive Language

Often I receive messages from individuals asking how to be more “positive”. They tell me they hope to one day be as “confident and positive as me.”

This is your first step.

The single most transformative thing you can do in your life to embody the positivity, vibrancy and joyful existence that you are so worthy of living is using the power of your words to actualize that reality.

Speak skillfully. Think accepting, gentle thoughts towards yourself and others. Banish negative self-talk or judgmental dialogue towards others.

Allow room for speech to flow through you that ignites inspiration in others. A single kind word from you can uplift and shift the energy of all those you interact with.

Your words can change the world.


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