6 Ways to Listen to Your Intuition

Life will bring us to many cross roads.

Sometimes, our first instinct will be to seek external guidance to lead us the “right” way. Often, we grasp desperately for someone else to simplify our decisions for us.

If you learn to turn inwards, you’ll discover, if you haven’t already, that you’ve possessed a powerful guidance system within you all along.

We are all blessed with an intuitive guidance system and the more we learn to listen to it and use it, the more confident and tactful we will become at reassuring ourselves as we dance with the unraveling of our journeys.

So intuition… what exactly is it and how do I get one?

Thankfully, we all come equipped with one. Many of us may already have a strong connection with it, while many of us are unaware that we have within us an inner wisdom that is always on our side.

Your intuition is the divine intelligence that continuously guides you in realizing and actualizing your goals. It is the immediate knowledge of exactly what to do and can gracefully guide you in all of your choices throughout your life.

Divine wisdom. Internal knowledge. Guiding force. Higher self.

Delve into these thoughts and considerations to better know your own inner wisdom and begin to better trust yourself and your direction today.

1. Trust Your Gut

We all know the sensation of when something doesn’t feel right. When our circumstances are just wrong, it's common to feel a strong urge or twisting of our gut.

This is often the most obvious if not first telltale sign that our intuition is tugging at the sleeve of our attention.

We all possess great emotional intelligence. Our feelings and emotional reactions are often communicating to us how to approach or interact with any given situation.

It can sometimes be very easy to ignore your feelings and push them away.

We might push those gut feelings aside and take what may seem like the easier option because we're afraid of failure, changing direction, and saying no.

If something doesn’t feel good, right or just simply off, perhaps your gut is telling you it’s time for a change.

Be honest with yourself and acknowledge those unsettled feelings; they are there to guide and support you.

Listen to them.

Go with your gut. Follow the hunches until your situation feels right again.

When you do, you may find your emotional body reacting with happiness, ease and confidence, even if the choice does not seem rational.

Trust your emotional compass. How you feel is your greatest indicator of whether your choices are in alignment with your intuitive wisdom or not.

2. Follow Energy Shifts

Sometimes we can wrestle with the question of whether we made the right choice or not, lingering and obsessing over it well after we took action.

One way to measure whether you’ve acted in accordance to your intrinsic knowledge or not is to tune into your energy levels.

Chances are you’ve experienced the feeling of having a weight lifted from your shoulders immediately after making a long-awaited decision. Maybe you sensed a return of joy or energy, charisma and physical stamina that you had felt severed from for some time.

If these shifts are present, rejoice in the knowing that you have acted from a place of alignment with your higher, true self.

3. Tune To Your Body

Is a recurring situation in your life triggering a tight feeling in your chest? Or maybe there’s a circumstance that sparks that sinking, churning feeling in your stomach.

If your reality isn’t paralleled to your innermost longings, your intuition will use your physical body as a medium to bring your attention to what desperately wants to be seen.

As many of us have a tendency to ignore our internal guidance system, the repressed messages will develop into more severe symptoms… anything from anxiety and depression, fatigue, migraines, nausea and other physical ailments.

If we are not willing to open ourselves to reoccurring thoughts, strong internal pulls and persistent callings, our intuition will use physical signs to communicate that we are not living in integrity with the life we know we want and deserve.

What are you experiencing in your body? And what is it trying to communicate to you? What, if any, repressed messages, urges and needs are underlying the physical discomfort you may be experiencing in your life?

Open yourself to positive, curious inquiry with the knowing that you intuitively hold the knowledge to be your own healer and transform your life.

4. Pay Attention to the Synchronicities

When we lead a life in alignment with our greatest potential and development, the Universe will frequently gift us with signs of assurance.

Be open to what life presents on your path.

As we dream, manifest and shoot off rockets of desires through our thoughts and beliefs, the Universe supports us in turn by sending us the circumstances, people, opportunities and situations that will bring our advancement in life.

Be present in your day-to-day activities so that you can see the meaningful patterns and coincidences when they occur.

These signs can be messages from your higher self that you are on the right path.

5. Get Quiet

In our world of constant content bombardment and multiple forces grabbing for our attention, it can become challenging to tap into the voice or sensation of our intuition.

When we are up against making a decision, it's important to create room for clarity. When you allow your mind to rest, the mud of many thoughts settles, and your mind becomes an open and clear channel for your thoughts and emotions to flow through.

Step away from your current situation and bring yourself to a state of mind and location where you can decompress. Dissolve any sense of pressure, anxiousness or tension that maybe present by focusing on deep, elongated breaths.

Let the clouds dissipate from your mind.

Quiet the mind to make room for clarity.

In this spaciousness, we can dissolve the clutter of our fears, insecurities, doubts and uncertainty to hear the deep, confident, clear knowing of our inner wisdom.

In this expansiveness, you have the lucidity necessary to listen, with all your might, to what your heart and soul is telling you.

Even if you are not pressed to make a difficult choice in your life, making it a regular practice to quiet the mind is a steadfast approach to deepening your connection with your intuition.
Make space to get quiet and listen to the words and callings of your heart song.

6. Do Your Shadow Work

“You will never follow your own inner voice until you clear up the doubts in your mind.”–Roy T. Bennett

In order for us to experience a clear, uninterrupted dialogue with our intuition, we must clear, touch and heal the parts of ourselves we would rather pretend did not exist.

The shadow is a term coined by psychologist Carl Jung, and it refers to our deepest wounds.

The wounds that have us believing we are flawed, unlovable, undeserving people.

Shadow work can support you in embracing all aspects of yourself. This experience of self-acceptance is essential for you to love and trust yourself more, which puts you more in touch with your intuition.

By communing with the aspects of ourselves that we attempt to reject and hide, we heighten our awareness of their habitual patterns and thoughts. In regards to tapping into our intuitive powers, this awareness will allow us to skillfully decipher between limiting beliefs, judgments and criticisms from the internal guide that is edging us towards appropriate discernment and caution.

As we venture down the path of healing our shadow self and touching past wounds that may project our history onto our present moment, we heighten our ability to decipher between pained, habitual thinking and our inner wisdom illuminating our path.

The Path of the Intuitive

Taking the steps and efforts to cultivate a more intimate relationship with our inner guidance and wisdom is a journey of self-exploration and empowerment.

  • Honing into and honoring the signs from your emotional body
  • Investigating potential underlying stories and triggers of physical ailments
  • Marveling at the magical coincidences of your life
  • Making time to clear mental chatter to deeply listen to your inner desires
  • Bringing healing love to unprocessed wounds

Honoring the process of deepening our relationship with our intuition is a journey towards living a more rich, meaningful and connected life.

Your magic and potential expand far beyond your comprehension.

In your pursuit of a purposeful, more aligned and intentional connection with your intuition, the all knowing higher self, you will uncover a greater peace, trust and acceptance of the unfolding of your life’s journey.

You possess all the reassurance, encouragement and answers to all your questions.
All you need to do is look inside.

“Intuition is the whisper of the soul.” –Jiddu Krishnamurti

How to Completely Transform Your Life

“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.”
– C. Joybell C.

We all experience life through the lens and perspective of our inner monologue. And too often, this commentary has been driven by pure negativity. We easily get caught in patterns of pessimism and become more likely to cast judgment, doubt and heavy criticism towards ourselves when things go wrong.

With effort and intention, we all have the power to shift this inner self-talk and sustain an affirmative and cheerful outlook on life.

Change the Script

What we focus on grows.

So if your inner dialogue is spouting off ideas about yourself that limit you, make you feel less than you are or that you are not worthy of achieving your dreams, it is time to shift your narrative.

Try it with me now:

“I am no longer a victim of my past. I clear away any thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving me. All my thoughts propel me into the direction I wish to be.”

Create your own, and use it as a mantra and tool to remind yourself daily. It's important to practice this when you're in a good place, as it's the habit that will drive you forward when you're in a not so good place.


Don’t Dwell on the Gloom

Its clear how great of an impact this inner voice can have on our experience.

We can see this easiest when we make mistakes in our lives.

In these moments, we are vulnerable to the self-deprecating messages that rain heavily upon us for tripping up. Perhaps you’ve been replaying the same thought in response to missteps since you were a child. Maybe there was someone in your life that made you feel immense guilt and shame for your oversights, telling you things like, “You’ll never amount to anything,” or “You can’t do anything right.”

While we can’t change what others have said to us as a result of our shortcomings, we can change how we react to our mistakes today, because they will happen, to all of us.

Change the script and instead affirm,

“I choose to learn and grow from my mistakes.”

  • writing three things you are proud about yourself
  • writing three things you think you would like to work on/improve

With this approach, you can applaud your efforts in each scene while being optimistic and constructive in how you can grow and integrate lessons from your experiences.

Celebrate Your Greatness

There’ll be no shortage of critics trying to chop us down on our path. So why allow your inner voice to be one of them?

By focusing on our best qualities, we nourish them and give permission for our self-appreciation to blossom and grow.

Make a list of your best qualities.
  • What are your natural talents and gifts?
  • What characteristics do your loved ones value in you most?
  • What important roles do you fulfill in your life that adds value to those around you?

If you feel discouraged if these traits don’t come to you quickly, please don’t give up.

Choose to persevere.

I promise that for every negative message that replays in your head, there is a positive truth that you live today to override it with

Choose Uplifting Company

In order for us to clean out the negative clutter of our minds, we need to be cautious of what messages we receive, consume and surround ourselves with.

We won’t always be able to control what messages influence us, but we do have the choice of who we surround ourselves with.

You are so deserving of friends that reflect your beauty and uniqueness.

The further you trek on this road of positive self-talk, the greater confidence and joy you will emanate, increasing your magnetism to people of similar vibrations.

Make room for them by refusing to accept anyone who drags you down or nourishes negative thinking about yourself.

Shape Your Life

Positive self-talk does not aim to deceive us of the truth of life.

I trust you have lived and learned enough from your own experiences to know there will be difficulties in life. We will experience hardships, and we will make mistakes.

The way we relate to these occurrences will influence how we cope and navigate them.

Positive self-talk is an opportunity to see the silver lining in each challenging circumstance we endure, knowing that all that we welcome has the potential to transform us.

If we allow ourselves to perceive it, we can see the truth that each happening in our life manifests to move us forward in our own enhancement and to continue moving forward.

Love + light,


How to Live Like There’s No Tomorrow

Imagine if you were able to lead your life with the enduring understanding that your days are limited.

If we’re lucky, we’ll have a long life of health and prosperity ahead of us. But the truth is, we never really know when our ultimate impermanence will be upon us.

We are not promised tomorrow.

What if you were to live each day of your life as if it were your last? How would you live your live differently?

Forgive and Forget

We believe that resentment and anger will harm those who may have caused us hurt, but this is much the opposite.

I urge you to let them go.

Choosing forgiveness and reconciliation, even when apologies haven’t been granted, is a path of righteousness and humility.

It is a gift to yourself to release animosity that no longer serves your life. And in doing so, you make more space for freedom and joy.

Say What You Need to Say

A common sentiment expressed at a loved ones’ passing is regret over what words could have, but were not said.

Instead of waiting until it's too late, express your love and appreciation to those who matter NOW.

Be vulnerable and bold in bearing your heart to those in your life.

Tell your best friend how her humor helps you through hard times or how your boss’s words of encouragement leave you feeling wildly blessed.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Take the risk.

Love fiercely and fearlessly. It’s what we’re here to do. It’s what lights up our life after all.

Be Here Now

It’s commonplace for our mind to get wrapped up in regret over the past, and consumed by fear and anxiety over the future. When you catch your thoughts slipping into these habitual patterns, take a deep breath, ground yourself and return to this knowing:

You cannot change what has already been written and your worries are absorbed by a future that does not exist in this moment.

This moment is all that we ever have.

Give yourself permission to accept what has happened in your past.

Whatever will be, will be, therefore be at ease.

All that we are seeking and grasping for in life and all the contentment and peace we are chasing… can be found in this very moment.

Cultivate your mind and learn to live it.

“Life is Too Short”… So Go Enjoy It!

As you wake to each new day, I want you to reflect on what you will do with this precious, fleeting life.

What will you do today that matters… to you? How will you uplift yourself and others? What actions can you take to set your passions and enthusiasm aflame?


  • Do what you love and try your best in it.
  • Take risks, invest in your potential and celebrate all the blessings and gifts that surround you.
  • Don’t fixate on petty issues and strive to see the beauty in all situations.
  • Live today and the next, and the next… as if it were your last. Live it to the fullest, as if it were the only you had.


  • “Thank you for today, for it is a gift.”
  • “I accept my past and release fear of my future.”
  • “I live in the here and now.”


Staying True to Yourself During Hard Times

Whether you’re tuned into the state and happenings in the world or facing hardship in your interpersonal relationships, there are a number of influences that can lead us to closing shop on our hearts.

Do you find yourself feeling disconnected from your heart center? Or perhaps your riding the waves between feeling heart-full and cracked wide open to retreating to ice queen tendencies of freezing over and shoving others out.

Often, we close our hearts off from others in the world as a means of protecting ourselves from the fear of feeling more pain and hurt in life. And at times, this instinct isn’t entirely off the mark.

Life will come with experiences of pain and suffering. And while a closed heart can help us feel protected temporarily, with time, it can lead to us feeling severed from our own sense of self.

Knowing that life will come with its plethora of experiences to make us want to shrivel up and hide, its wise of us to cultivate habits that will help fully bloom again after these instances.

Joyful Connection

Ask yourself, “What brings me back to my heart?”

  • When I’m feeling down and isolated from my joy, nothing brings me back to myself faster than rekindling with loved ones in my life.
  • Does your heart melt at the sound of your grandmother calling you by your childhood nickname? Give her a call!
  • Do you feel seen, cared for and fully appreciated by your best friend? Then reach out and create time and space to cherish each other.

Prioritizing time to be with the ones we love and adore not only supports us in trying times, but it also takes care of our loved ones too. Put in the effort to reach out and care for those you hold precious and you’ll find that you’ll feel cared for in return too.

Freely Give Your Time and Talents

Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

What does this mean for you? If you’re not sure, ask yourself daily and listen to the voice inside of you.

When you feel deflated from wishing for the world to be different, try doing something that actually makes a difference. You’d be surprised at how the smallest acts of kindness can create huge ripple effects.

Volunteering your time to an organization, message, campaign or cause is a great way to feel of service to the much needed healing of the world. Giving something to someone without any hope of reciprocation can also be uplifting for not only you, but also the people around you.

YOU have the potential and power to participate and aid in the transformation and healing of the world.

When you look to the world, what brings you the greatest grief?

Whatever it is that ails your heart, and if you’re like me, there may be too many to name, know that you have the power to remedy it in some way.

Haven’t got a clue on how to get engaged with service and activism work? Use the Idealist database to found volunteering opportunities near you.

Fan Your Fires of Hope

After reading the headlines or tuning into the news broadcast, we can all feel a little bummed about the state of the world. So much so, that some days, it may feel hard to even get out of bed. We must ask ourselves, how do we remain hopeful and open-hearted?

We do so by shining our light of awareness on all that is good in the world today.

If you only consume media content from mainstream news outlets, chances are, you’re only seeing reality from a skewed perception based on fear and separation.

It is up to you to seek out alternative news and media content that showcases positive story telling. Check out Yes Magazine and Positive News to learn about and celebrate the efforts of every-day world-impacting heroes. There is so much content to nourish and stoke our hope for humanity… we just have to be willing to look for it.

Listen to Your Heart

When my heart is open, my perception of life is that of gratitude and love. It comes with great ease to witness and experience the blessings in the smallest and most mundane things. When this connection is severed, heaviness, absence of energy and pessimism lead my thoughts.

There’s no need to repress or deny when our hearts decide to close its door to the world for a moment. Often, these are opportunities to turn inwards to reflect upon our emotional experience to access how we can better support and meet our needs to unravel and open again.

Never lose sight of the tools you have within you. You are armed with them as the compass and map leading you back home to your heart. And the more you use them, the quicker and more easeful your recovery from a broken or disconnected heart can be.

You are supported.
Your open, overflowing, loving heart is a gift to the world.
We need it and you.
Please don’t keep it closed for too long.



Riding the Waves of Life’s Challenges

For many of us, when life brings us turbulent waters of great change and challenging circumstances, our default response often looks like resistance and aversion to impermanence.

During difficult times, do you find yourself praying and wishing for your circumstances to different? Do you observe your mind fixating on how you’d prefer your situation to be instead of asking for the strength and courage to navigate it with grace and tact?

We all know what it’s like to sink in the lulls and shadowy moments of life. If you find yourself now consumed by the shadows or descending to a mucky bottom, ask yourself, “Is my relationship to my circumstances supporting me or creating unnecessary suffering?”

We all have the ability to cultivate attitudes and skillful means to endure and triumphant over the tough patches in life. By doing so, we can transform our outlook on the murkiest of situations as opportunities of growth, confidence and resilience building.

Just with a shift of perception, all that you endure has the potential to evolve you.

Practicing Acceptance

Learning to accept what is not in our control while releasing our preferences to how we rather experience things is a skill that can transform our entire perception and experience of life’s events.

Despite our purest intentions and efforts of integrity, life at times will play a sour note.

It is easy to slip into the mental chatter and monologue of asking, “Why me?” and “What did I do to deserve this?”

It is easy to beg and pray for the Universe to make the discomforts and chaos to simply go away.

But the truth is, without the challenges we face in life, we would be skipping out on the experiences that gift us with the deepest of teachings and lessons.

Practice surrendering.

Understand that through this you are upgrading and coming into greater alignment with your higher self. Have faith that what life brings your way is the embodiment of wisdom and teachings you are prepared and capable of receiving. Practice acceptance of all of life’s gifts… knowing that both our joys and our “curses” bring blessings and lessons.

Changing What’s in Our Control

By redirecting our resistance to circumstances we cannot change to the ones we can, we empower ourselves to be the grand architects of our lives.

When at odds with a difficult occurrence, ask yourself, “What is in my control in this situation? And how can I influence it for the better?”

We are all capable of impacting the outcomes of our lives when we focus our energy and attention on the factors that are in our control. And when we do so with the criteria of honoring our truth and saying no to what does not serve us, we are bound to limit what does not uplift us while making room for what does.

Act, speak and think from a place of self-love and appreciation, compassion and honesty, knowing that through this embodiment of integrity you have the power to shift any painful moment to witness its blessings.

Wisdom to See the Lessons

When there is no difference between your curses and your blessings, all there is left is gratitude.

When we cultivate our ability to decipher the meaning and blessings in all situations, including the difficult ones, we dissolve our rejection of life’s lessons.

Regardless of what life throws your way, deepen your faith and trust that is has arrived to teach you profound lessons. All that you experience is shaping you, your purpose, your journey, and your destiny.

Will you allow life to present you with the exact experiences and lessons to bring you into greater alignment with yourself? Can you bring yourself to say yes to all hardships knowing that they are shaping you into a wiser, kinder, stronger version of yourself?

Your hardships, your joys, your passions, your resistances…. they are all connected. They are all molding you.

Embrace it.

Putting it into Practice

Say out loud and affirm for yourself:

“I see the blessings in all situations.”

Say out loud and affirm for yourself:

“All that I welcome transforms me.”

Trust that all situations that arise in your life are here because you are ready and capable to weather them. You are a warrior prepared by all previous moments and experiences in your life to triumph and overcome.

Be persistent and committed to reconstruct your relationship and perception to hardships. If you continue to see doom and gloom in all challenging situations, be gentle with yourself. Rewriting habitual patterns and thoughts is a life-long journey and one well-worth taking.

While this change in attitude may take time and effort to establish as your default, you can turn to affirmations and prayer to remind you of the choice you have in all situations.

To remind myself to decipher the lessons and blessings in all situations I turn to the “Serenity Prayer.”

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the courage to know the difference.”

You create your reality through your thoughts and perceptions. When you learn and practice to see life’s lulls and challenges as teachings from the Universe you are destined to receive, then all situations can be welcomed.

When we learn to ride and adapt to the waves of life, we will never sink.



A Call for Celebration: Reclaiming the Power of our Cycles

“My little friend,” said with a roll of the eyes.

That dreadful “Aunt Flow” that makes it difficult for us

to fit into our favorite skinny jeans every month.

We don’t need to look far to find less than empowering language we have inherited from our cultures to speak about our menstrual cycle.

When I was a young girl, I remember my male friends squeamishly protesting at the simple mention of a sanitary pad or tampon, as if the very mention of my period was offensive, leaving me feel like something was wrong with me for something I had no control over.

But it wasn’t their fault.

Sex education is taught…

  • by separating the sexes, creating a divide between us at such a young age.
  • with videos that hardly talk about the beauty and wonder of the human body in a way that children can understand.

Boys leave the class ignorantly giggling and joking about their own thoughts, while girls are left to hide in embarrassment and live in a culture of silence, ignorance and shame.

Did you know…?

  • Our monthly cycles were once celebrated and praised amongst matriarchal peoples, yet we only hear stories that embody punishment, such as the fall of Eve.
  • These stories are the reason our wonderful cycles are now considered a taboo topic.
  • They are pathologized, medicalized, and turned into a “problem that needs to be fixed,” but none of this is actually true.

It’s this very attitude that there’s something wrong or shameful about having a period that prevents us from fully understanding them and using them to their full potential.

Period blood is designed to nourish and give life.

We have the power to…

  • reject this oppressive narrative.
  • destigmatize menstruation.
  • bring back the power and celebration our bodies deserve.

This is a letter to all women and girls that have ever related to their monthly bleeding as a burden, curse or ugly aspect of their female experience. This is a call, asking you to let go of the feelings of shame or guilt around your own natural cycles.

May we shine light on the lies we have been told surrounding our bodies and rise into our power. May we once again return to an understanding of our vessels and their rhythms as sacred and divine. May we learn to celebrate our blood and all the creation they give birth to. Embrace the essence of this female experience.

Care for Earth

Tampons, pads and panty liners generate more than 200,000 tons of waste per year.

The materials used in these products…

  • are often composed of more than 90% of plastic
  • end up rotting away in landfills
  • as toxic waste,
  • releasing harmful gases,
  • and by entering our seas and rivers.

As non-biodegradable materials, they will remain in the environment, seeping toxins into Earth for hundreds of years.

While the womb sheds and renews each month, our Earth does not have the same ability to discard all of the waste we dump into her.

Shifting our attitudes and practices towards our menstruating bodies holds not only the promise for transforming our lives, but also our environment.

Choosing sustainable, eco-friendly feminine products is a kind way to relate and navigate your monthly flow while treading gently on our precious planet.

Cleanse Your Body

Our modern menstruation culture has popularized products and options that are not only toxic to our outer environment, but toxic to our own bodies as well.

From the materials used to compose pads and tampons to the fragrances to mask your natural scent, feminine products are saturated with dangerous chemicals and even cancer causing ingredients.

  • Example: many feminine hygiene products are bleached with chlorine, which leads to the production of the chemical dioxin. When accumulated in the body over time, we see
  • immune system suppression,
  • reproductive issues, and
  • potentially, cancer

While this may seem alarming to you, its considered standard industry practice, and companies have no obligation to disclose this information to you.

When we embrace our cycle for the beautiful mechanism it truly is, the choice to treat it with non-toxic products becomes much easier.

Making Industry Bloody Rich

The culture of shame and secrecy surrounding our menstruation has been lining the pockets of the feminine hygiene industry for decades.

While women and girls suffer from the taboos bombarding their bodies, the industry gets rich by creating “discreetly” packaged products such as tampons, pads, feminine washes, sprays, powders and personal wipes. Many of these products are excessive and unnecessary and only appear to be essential through marketing tactics that lead us to believe are bodies are filthy, unclean and undesirable when we bleed.

In the United States alone, women spend an unnecessary $2 billion every year on feminine hygiene products. When you abandon the belief that your body needs to look or smell a certain way, this cost can be reduced drastically.

Menstrual Freedom through Financial Boycott

There’s no doubt that the feminine hygiene product industry has little concern over the health and well being of our bodies, the Earth or our wallets. And for so long, women have supported these products financially because they felt as if they had no other options.

Today, we know the truth.

Thankfully, today, we have a wide variety of sustainable, toxin-free and eco-friendly products to better live our values for care of the Earth and our precious temples.

  • Natural sea sponge tampons
  • Diva Cups
  • Created by a mother and daughter duo committed to making periods a more positive experience for all women.
  • Thinx Panties
  • A company committed to female empowerment, smashing through the period taboo culture.
  • DIY Cloth Pads
  • For a fraction of the cost of the above mentioned products, you can empower yourself to make your own reusable cloth pads… extra “Go Green!” points if you up-cycle clothing that you are no longer using to make them with.

Learn Our Bodies

Society has developed in such a way that women have great ignorance around their bodies and how they function, as well as how to listen to and decipher the signals their bodies send to them. In a way, we have been left in the dark.

But thankfully, there are an immense amount of resources available to us today to better understand our bodies, written by and for women who have consciously chosen to discard this narrative of embarrassment and shame.

Even before or even without indulging in these resources, there’s so much to discover simply by asking ourselves about own lived experience.

Get quiet. Become still. Drop in with your inner knowing. Nurture your body in its constant ebb and flows of change.

Let’s learn again how to respond to our cycles as a sacred act… a divine ritual… a cherished retreat to hold a space for introspection within yourself.

Honor your time of the month as a physical, emotional and energetic cleanse and detox.

Ask yourself:

  • What does each stage of your cycle call for you?
  • Are there times where you must heed to your body’s demands for rest… silence… turning inwards and reflecting on your emotional wants and needs?
  • Are there times where your creative juices are demanding to be felt and expressed?
  • Or perhaps there are strong and persistent urges to nourish and feed your body in specific ways during specific times.
  • Out of all the products you use, which ones are 100% necessary?
  • How many of them have you purchased simply because you have been led to believe that your natural scent is gross or filthy?
  • Do you own accessories or bags that solely function to disguise your feminine hygiene products, perhaps feeding into the sense of embarrassment from which the industry makes money?

It’s Time to Take Charge

Your experience of your period can tell you a lot.

The food we eat, our emotional experiences, hormonal shifts, and the thoughts you were having leading up to this phase in your cycle all have strong impacts on the symptoms of your menstruation. This includes the amount of blood to the quantity of clots.

In this way, we can use our periods as a mirror to better reflect and understand what it is we are experiencing in our lives. The quality of our cycle can tell us the things we need to let go of our eliminate from our realities in order to achieve a greater state of well-being.

We just need to be still and listen.

In order for society to shift its attitudes towards women’s bodies, we must pioneer the way by rejecting the story it has given us and writing a new one. What story do you wish for society to proclaim of our greatness? What story will you write and live to pass on to our daughters?

We are pioneers.

This is a call to change our relationship with our cycles as intuitive gifts, times of power, spirit, release and rebirth.

We need to resurrect period blood from a place of shame.

We need to tell a different story.

Let’s make it a celebration.