Learn how to become a full-time wellness coach, make a positive impact in the world, and create financial abundance doing what you LOVE.
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Imagine If…

  • You had the knowledge of 100+ diets and health practices
  • You felt completely confident in helping others (even if you’re still learning yourself).
  • You had a clear blueprint for becoming a wellness coach in less than 1 year
  • You were making a full-time income helping others improve their lives
  • You felt deeply fulfilled in your career and the impact you make in the world


The Institute For Integrative Nutrition…

The world’s #1 health coaching certification program

IIN is a 12-month online program that teaches you everything you need to become a successful wellness coach. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to take your current coaching business to the next level, IIN will provide you with foundational knowledge and tools to help you create the impact and income you dream of. 

The Institute For Integrative Nutrition is highly reputable and designed to help you succeed. With famous thought leaders and health experts as your teachers, a support network of IIN alumni, and the opportunity to earn money as an ambassador after graduating, this truly is THE best program to get your certification through.

Want a sneak peek of what’s inside IIN?

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About The Institute For Integrative Nutrition

Having an IIN health coaching certification can set you up for a career in the following areas… 1:1 coaching, corporate coaching, group programs, public speaking, social media influencer, school food advisor, launching a healthy product line, work at wellness centers, gyms, naturopathic offices, holistic healing centers, and becoming an IIN ambassador. 


Yes. If you are just starting out and have no idea where to even start, IIN will help you gain clarity on how to create your coaching offer, how to find clients, and how to conduct Health History calls, and get potential clients excited to hire you as their coach. You will also be provided with professional templates for your coaching website, business cards, and additional marketing material.

The IIN curriculum consists of weekly modules in the form of videos + slide presentations, 4 tests to assess your understanding of the material, guidance on how to conduct health history calls for potential clients, and the opportunity to participate in 4 coaching circles over the phone. This structure provides the perfect level of accountability and deadlines to stay on track, while still maintaining flexibility and freedom to complete things on your own time. 



IIN is a 12 month online program that requires 3-4 hours of your time each week. Many IIN students go through this program while also working full time or being a full time student. All you need is an internet connection and commitment to block out a few hours each week, and you can easily make this work for you. **There is also a 6-month accelerated program available for those who are able to dedicate more time to IIN and want to become a certified health coach ASAP.**

Yes, IIN does offer payment plans which can be as low as $199/month depending on discounts available at the time of enrollment. When you share that you heard about IIN from Alyse Parker you can receive a VERY generous discount on tuition. 🙂

Yes! I have been Life Coaching since I graduated IIN (6 years ago!) and I gained fundamental knowledge of wellness inside this program. IIN’s philosophy highlights the importance of Holistic Health, meaning the curriculum touches upon all facets of health: physical, spiritual, social, emotional, environmental. Although you will be learning about 100+ dietary theories, the teachings of this program extend far beyond the food we put on our plate. In fact, one of the most life changing things I learned in IIN was the concept of Primary Foods vs. Secondary Foods. Which explains the importance of fulfilling our needs for meaningful relationships, a fulfilling career, exercise routine, and spiritual practice as it pertains to our overall health.

The health coaching industry is growing FAST and becoming a well-known, mainstream career path. What sets IIN apart from other programs is that they created the field of Health Coaching and started this entire movement. IIN was founded in 1992 and has been around longer than any other health coaching certification program out there. IIN has trained over 100,000 students in over 155 different countries and they are licensed by the New York State Department of Education, meaning the curriculum is regularly reviewed and held to a high standard to ensure their content is always accurate and up to date. Most recently, IIN passed CPT codes by the American Medical Association, which means they are paving the way for health coaching services to soon be covered by insurance.

Feeling called to enroll in IIN, but have some questions?

Speak to an IIN representative for payment plan + enrollment information:

*mention that you heard of IIN from Alyse Parker for a $1,000+ discount off tuition!

US: (855) 883-1020

International: +1 (212) 730-5433


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