calling all leaders

Do you want to show up every day as a strong magnetic leader, living your life with purpose, supported by like-minded friends?

Learn how to gain extreme clarity on your life purpose, create a clear blueprint to reach your unique goals, and stay consistent ALL WITHOUT self sabotaging, burn out, or feeling alone.

Calling All leaders:

Do you want to show up every day as a strong magnetic leader, living your life with purpose, supported by like-minded friends?

Learn how to gain extreme clarity on your life purpose, create a clear blueprint to reach your unique goals, and stay consistent ALL WITHOUT self sabotaging, burn out, or feeling alone.

Imagine If…

…you were blazin’ your own trail rather than following someone else’s “life plan”.

…you felt worthy of putting yourself first + prioritizing your needs.

…you showed up every day with your cup overflowing to serve others. 

…you were liberated from opinions, judgments, + expectations of others.

AND diving even deeper,

Imagine If…

…you removed all blockages + limiting beliefs holding you back from experiencing true abundance

…your career was completely aligned with your life purpose.

…you had a guide to your most evolved self + inner leader.

…you were no longer held back by your surroundings, instead you were empowered by a solid support group.

Do you want this to be your reality?

Alignment Accelerator  will take you from where you are now,
to where you want to be + far beyond.

what our alumni are saying

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 I felt safe + fully supported by the group I was in

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I have seen a bigger transformation within myself than I ever thought possible.

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I feel so much more confident + so much more sure of myself


Alignment ACcElerator



Your bulletproof guide to becoming a powerful + magnetic leader.

Alignment Accelerator is a 12 week online program that takes you from exhausted over giver to strong confident leader.

No matter where you're starting from, Alignment Accelerator is here to help you cut ties with your past conditioning, remember who you really are, and create a life of fulfillment + freedom. All without self sabotage, burn out, or feeling alone.

More than anything I'm here to help you become the leader you're meant to be.

This program is a comprehensive journey + provides everything you need to release all that is holding you down, step into the highest version of yourself, and take consistent action towards your dreams.

Every lesson includes an assignment to help integrate what you have learned and ensure your growth + success.

Our 3-part accountability system was seamlessly built to ensure your success throughout the program. This includes weekly coaching calls, your own accountability coach, and a private safe space to connect with other students.

My team + I are always here for you and your highest potential. Alignment Accelerator provides you with a powerful blend of education, integration, and support, all you need to do is show up + put in the work!

student spotlight


Alyse showed me how to step up as my highest self and stop living in fear of the unknown.


I have the power to create the life I want.


The True Essence method really is effective. I feel confident in myself. Somebody told me I was glowing.


  • You're a really strong person, taking care of + supporting your friends and family but when it comes to you, you feel alone + can't find the time or energy to take care of yourself.
  • You put your true goals and dreams on the back burner because something always gets in the way - you self sabotage, a stressful event arises, and ultimately you feel alone with no one to cheer you on.
  • You're passionate about helping others but you're exhausted from pouring from an empty cup. You know that your impact would be so much stronger if you were overflowing with energy.
  • You know that you’re meant for SO much more but just aren’t living up to your full potential.
  • You have BIG dreams, but lack the confidence, consistency, and FOCUS you need to bring them to life.
  • If one or ALL of those resonate with you...
    Alignment Accelerator is your next right step, it's a no brainer.

    Action Takers Only

    WARNING: next level results may occur

    How It Works


    When you join Alignment Accelerator, you’ll have access to 12 weeks of comprehensive curriculum, not taught anywhere else. A new lesson is released each week and is delivered in the form of video teachings ranging between 15-30 minutes long.


    Information doesn't create transformation, which is why integration is the heart of this program. Every lesson includes an assignment with a walkthrough to help integrate what you've learned and create tangible change in your every day life. 


    Alignment Accelerator includes weekly coaching calls with Alyse Parker, the founder of the program. During these calls you will have the opportunity to ask questions, receive direct feedback, and gain clear solutions for how to navigate challenges in your life.


    When pursuing a transformative experience, it’s important to know that you are not alone. You will have access to our exclusive Slack community where you’ll get to connect with other students, cultivate deep friendships, and support each other every step of the way.

    Proven Methods

    Gone are the days of wondering if you're doing it right and asking yourself “What if this doesn't work?”. Alignment Accelerator has worked for 100+ women just like you. Simply show up, follow our step-by-step methods, put in the work, and watch your transformation unfold.


    When it comes to integrating new skills, accountability is key for your success! This is why every student will have an accountability coach who tracks your progress throughout the program + supports your evolution with regular check ins.

    Continued Access: When you join Alignment Accelerator, you will continue to have access to the lessons + resources after completing the program. This includes any updates or enhancements made to Alignment Accelerator. You'll also have access to join alumni Q&A calls and exclusive opportunities for alumni only.

    what our alumni are saying

    Are you ready for change?

    What's The Process

    The Story Shifting Method teaches you how to uncover the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from embodying your True Essence – aka your Highest Self. These beliefs, rooted in the opinions of others, cultural influences, and your upbringing, are not true to you. With Story Shifting, you'll learn how to rewire your brain and detach from these limiting beliefs for GOOD. It's time to take control of your life and stop letting the opinions of others dictate who you are.

    Learn proven methods for tracking your energy, analyzing your results, and eliminating the energy-taking habits in your life. You're about to dive DEEP into every relationship, habit, and form of content that your energy is going towards. What is energy-giving? What is energy-taking? It's time to figure out what is secretly draining your energy behind the scenes. You'll learn ways to effectively, safely, and proactively take your power back so that you can put your energy towards what matters most.

    “Whatever you resist will persist.” In the Acceptance lesson, you’ll learn new perspectives on pain and suffering, which allow you to transition from victim to leader in your own life. By the end of this lesson, you will know how to practice radical acceptance and express gratitude for the opportunities that have come your way as a result of past challenges.

    The True Essence Method will teach you how to step into alignment with the highest version of yourself. Your True Essence is leveled-up in every way possible, possesses every trait you've ever admired, and has a strong set of core values and beliefs. They are confident, dream big, and embody unconditional love. After creating your True Essence, you'll learn the proven methods towards BECOMING them at an accelerated rate.

    No more playing small. Now that you've released limiting beliefs, energy-taking habits, and attachments to past hardship, you have the space and mindset you need to dream big as your True Essence. The Dream Alchemy Method will teach you how to create crystal clear dreams and make them tangible. Instead of feeling like your dreams are out-of-reach, you'll finally recognize how capable you are of actually achieving them.

    The Vision Mapping lesson guides you through our signature process for taking your dreams (from Dream Alchemy) and bringing them to life in the physical world. This method takes you from ‘dreamer’ to ‘doer’. Not only will you learn how to envision and plan your future, but you'll also gain valuable skills needed for staying consistent. You are about to accomplish HUGE goals in just 12 months. Buckle up, sista.

    By the end of Alignment Accelerator you will:

    ≫ Have the skills to quiet distractions, release the need for approval from others and fully embrace your inner leader + highest self in every life situation.

    ≫ Have a set system to break free from self doubt + limiting beliefs when they arise and step into a strong leader mindset.

    ≫ Discover + awaken your most aligned self by using the True Essence Method + have a proven blueprint to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and who you're meant to become.

    ≫ Attract a high value support system of fellow leaders who inspire + challenge you to pursue your goals and best self.

    ≫ Have the motivation + systems you need to make lasting, sustainable changes that begin to feel like second nature.

    Ready to accelerate your alignment?

    Leaders Only


    Other Programs

      Give you a bunch of scattered, disorganized information and cross their fingers that you understand it.

      Created by people who don’t embody or consistently practice what they tell you to do.

      Aren’t familiar with effective coaching methods and therefore they fail to properly support you.

      Don’t have any systems in place for tracking your progress or success. Disorganized AF.

      Try to make you reliant on them as if they are your Guru, which just prolongs your personal growth.

      Only care about you while you’re in the program  once you’re out, they make you pay to continue to have access to the curriculum after you’ve graduated

    Alignment Accelerator

    + Guides you through a comprehensive journey where each lesson teaches you exactly what you need to learn in the correct order.

    +  Created by a team of people who are actively living the Alignment Accelerator lifestyle day in + day out.

    +  Supports you with LIVE group coaching calls every week. Teaches you proven methods for strategic thinking + becoming resourceful.

    +  Gives you a personal Accountability Coach who tracks your progress, answers questions, and holds you accountable every step of the way.

    +  Teaches you leadership skills + mindset shifts that will set you up for success with navigating future challenges with ease and confidence.

    +  Provides you with continued access to the entire curriculum (including any future enhancements) at no extra cost to you. 

    what our alumni are saying

    Ready to level up?

    Meet your Mentor

    (AKA your new bestieee)

    Hiiiya it’s Alyse Parker! 

    I'm the founder of Alignment Accelerator.

    Coming from someone who used to show up every day, serving others, checking in on my friends, holding space for, + helping them in any way I could… 

    I know what it's like. You're doing so much, on the edge of burnt out, exhausted, and wondering if someone will ever come in + support you in the same way you support others.

    Before I started on my self growth journey I never really resonated with the status quo… 

    Hiiiya it’s Alyse Parker! 


    I'm the founder Alignment Accelerator (formerly Confidence Mastery).
    Coming from someone who used to show up every day, serving others, checking in on my friends, holding space for, + helping them in any way I could… 

    I know what it's like. You're doing so much, on the edge of burnt out, exhausted, and wondering if someone will ever come in + support you in the same way you support others.

    Before I started on my self growth journey I never really resonated with the status quo… 

    I always had a little fire burning within me and a deep undeniable desire to create a magical life for myself. I knew there was more than just ONE standard way of ‘doing life’. But for many years, I kept going through the motions, playing small, + looking for validation from others… 

    Because honestly, I didn’t have any clue on what action to take. I had no proven path or support system in how to bring my dreams into my tangible life. 

    I remember staying up late at night and journaling about what my dream life looked and felt like. My mind kept circling back to a few core things: a fulfilling career where I could help others + make an impact, deeply loving relationships, a strong mindset and a healthy body, and abundance in every aspect of life.

    As time went on, the tension within me grew stronger. I felt anxious, stressed, and depressed. It became more and more clear that I needed to make some BIG changes if I was serious about creating a new life for myself.
    I was nervous to drop out of school because of what my parents would think…
    I was hesitant to release friendships that were no longer serving me…
    I was scared to diverge norm the norm because I knew that I would be fully responsible if I didn’t succeed…


    I reached a point where I couldn’t keep denying my inner knowing. It was obvious. If I didn’t push myself to just take the leap, I would continue down a path that felt unfulfilling and out of alignment with my true potential.

    A mentor once told me, “You don’t need the approval from anyone else in order to move forward and pursue your dreams.”

    And in that moment, everything changed. I pursued self growth like it was my damn job. 

    I started off journaling + meditating every day for 6 months, watching motivational videos every morning, and started an accountability group with aspiring entrepreneurs. I grew my YouTube channel to 500k subscribers in 1 1/2 year. I went from living on food stamps to earning six figures in one year. I've hosted 8 transformational retreats around the world + coached hundreds of women in mindset transformation. I've worked with personal + business coaches, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, and energy healers. Through this I've studied the modalities of inner child work, feminine + masculine energy, rewiring the subconscious mind, EMDR, past life regression, breathwork, and more.

    It took me getting to my lowest point in life before I made the change + figured out how to make my dreams a reality. I don't want that for you or anyone else. I want you to support you in accelerating your journey from exhausted over giver to strong magnetic leader. 

    That is why I created Alignment Accelerator. It is THE program I wish I had when I was struggling to make changes in my life, struggling to put myself first so I could share more of my gifts with the world

    Everything I've learned in the past 6 years has been consolidated, tested, proven, and taught in this 8 week program. This is the accelerated path to becoming the magnetic + aligned leader you're meant to be. 

    If you are ready to go from exhausted over giver to powerful magnetic leader…

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