As a minimalist and conscious consumer, I find great value in investing in quality products that meet multiple needs in their versatility, grant me the ability to avoid purchasing or using unnecessary products, and gives me the opportunity to support companies with ethics that I stand by.

Many of you have seen these products worn or used by me in my videos, and I’m fairly consistently receiving questions and inquiries about them. Now, I’m picking up the hint and present you with an overview of my 5 most used material belongings.

1. Bamboo Utensils by To-Go Ware

If you’ve watched a “What I Eat in A Day Video” or any of my Vlogs, chances are, you’ve caught a glimpse of my bamboo utensils in action along side overflowing bowls of sliced mangoes or massive green salads. Whether dining at home, or grabbing a bite to eat out during your lunch break, the feel of bamboo will always rein superior over silverware for a more pleasing eating experience, at least in my opinion. I highly recommend this product if purchasing “take-out” food is a common practice for you. Ditch the single use plastic utensils and use your own!

They’re reusable and made with a commitment to being environmentally responsible, making these transportable utensil sets super eco-friendly. Their travel cases come in a variety of colors with carabineer attachments to easily clip to your bags.

And they even offer children’s sizes! If you know my love for small cute things, you won’t be surprised to know I have a children’s set 😉

To-Go Ware is a company I feel really proud to support, as we share similar visions and dreams for a transformed “to-go” culture that has lead us to creating excessive plastic waste. Toss out the “throw away” approach and commit to reuse today!

2. Bare Foot Sandals by Xero Shoes

Ever since discovering these shoes in the fall of 2015, I have literally worn them every single day. Xero Shoes slogan of “Feel the World” couldn’t have been more appropriately claimed for their wide selection of barefoot, minimalist sandals, boots and everyday shoes. You can actually feel the ground beneath your feet, which enables me to feel more rooted and connected to the Earth.

Their products are remarkably comfortable and are designed with adequate security to dive into action, unlike your average flip-flop. Their versatility can lead you on hikes through the wilderness, jogging through city streets, walking on your day-to-day errands or paired with a more casual outfit for a lunch date.

They’re travel savvy too as they are light weight and can be rolled up to fit the size of the palm of your hand, making them easily stowed in side pockets of your back pack or carry on.

Xero Shoes creates their shoes with a commitment to empowering more people to walk the “natural way,” with a philosophy and emphasis on promoting a line that supports easeful, healthy and pain free movement.

3. Bamboo Toothbrush by Mabel

The folks at Mable are on a mission to inspire others to make a difference by making small, sustainable choices, one toothbrush and classroom at a time. Not only have they made a chic, eco-friendly, 100% bio-degradable tooth brush to replace the nearly 5 billion plastic tooth brushes made annually (and one day will find themselves sitting in landfills), but they also visit schools in their local community through their Buy Give Teach program, empowering youth to utilize the power they have to affect change.

Mabel toothbrushes come in various bristle types (I like the medium), are offered in kid sizes and can even stand up on their own! I know, pretty cool, right?

So not only can you keep your pearly whites looking fresh, you can do it while also supporting the remarkable team at Mabel in their mission to make small, sustainable changes trendy. In order for our changes to have the greatest impact, they need to reach others.

Let’s come together to stop adding to the problem, cut our plastic use and be part of the solution.

4. Mantra Bracelet by Mantraband

Sleek, delicate and never in the way, my mantra bracelets from Mantraband carry self-love proclamations to remind me of my greatness throughout the day. Not only are they a constant reminder to the wearer, but can give moments of appreciation and inspiration to all who see them with their wide offering of peace warrior slogans, positive affirmations and optimism provoking words.

Their bracelets (and necklaces too!) are another expressive tool and adornment to surround yourself with loving kindness as you weave a life of positivity and radical self love.

The ones I wear say, “Love yourself,” and “Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce.”

Gift yourself or a friend today with a Mantraband.

5. Reusable Water Bottle by Hydro Flask

Say goodbye to lukewarm water! Whether you’re lounging in the sun on the beach or have been hiking for hours, despite the scorcher you maybe experiencing on the outside, you can have faith your ice cubes are still intact on the inside. You can trust in the same guarantee for hot beverages warming your bones on chilly, wintery slopes too. The Hydro Flask keeps its contents cool or hot, regardless of the environment’s temperature. Wherever your adventure takes you, you can have faith that Hydro Flasks’ insulated products will provide.

Like most of the products on this list, the Hydro Flask is reusable, helping us make a positive impact on the environment and our health by not investing in single use plastic water bottles.

I have a 21-ounce aqua-color bottle that conveniently fits in my car’s cup holders and inspires me to stay hydrated.

Due to its ability to keep liquid ice cold or hot, it feels like a step up from my previously used mason jar.

Hydro Flask also funds Parks for All, which “provides grants to non-profit organizations focused on building, maintaining, restoring, or providing better access to parks,” which makes your investment in their products an investment in our park’s wilderness too.

Hydro Flask is a bottle you can feel good about.

6. Coloring Book by Raw Alignment

Two years ago I began hand crafting a positive affirmation coloring book. Over 200 hours of drawing, with love and passion fueling each and every pen stroke, and 50 drawings later… it is finally ready for you.

This coloring book includes includes 50 pages to color in and 50 inspiring quotes, positive affirmations and self growth activities.

I have never been more proud of something than I am of  this book.



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