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Law of Attraction

Hello beautiful people!

Today I want to talk to you about the “Law of Attraction.”

For those of you who are not yet acquainted,

The Law of Attraction is a concept or a theory, or even a truth, that your thoughts, words, and emotions create your reality.

This is a Universal Law which utilizes our thoughts and emotions as a magnet to draw and attract our mental formations into material forms in our lives.

Simply put, The Law of Attraction is our ability to attract into our lives whatever it is we are focusing on.

So how does this take place into our lives?

Let’s say, for example, you often think things like, “I can’t make this happen… I’m too scared… I feel too heavy…” or, on the flip side of the spectrum, you are thinking empowered thoughts such as, “I am going to make this happen. I am worthy of this. I am attracting this into my life. I feel motivated to get this done.”

All thoughts turn into things one day. Of the thoughts listed above, which ones can you see providing sweet, abundant fruit?

You attract more of what you put your focus on. As the first principle of Hawaiian Huna (ancient Hawaiian shamanic ideology) says, “Energy flows where attention goes.” Where are you placing your attention? On affirmative thoughts or scarcity thinking?

If you allow your thoughts and emotions to fall victim to a doom and gloom perception, it may not be all too surprising to find your own personal rain cloud trailing behind you. If you harness the power of your thoughts to focus on positive thinking and tangible goals, you will be amazed to witness your dreams transform from thoughts and daydreams to the physical.

This Universal Law proclaims that whatever can be dreamed and held
in the mind’s eye is achievable if you pair it with action, effort, and
steps towards where you want to arrive.

We have the ability to

  • switch our thoughts and words from lacking mentality to affirmative speech
  • “I don’t want to feel bad anymore.” gets replaced with “I feel vibrant and healthy every single day.”
This can feel somewhat inauthentic when you first begin, especially if it’s something you haven’t tried before.

If you have been simply going through the motions of your life allowing negative thoughts or emotions take reign of how you live your day to day, it may even seem shocking to learn that you have the power to shift your thoughts and emotions into a more uplifting, loving, high frequency perspective.

» Learning this practice is a call for celebrationnot fear.

Practice saying…
This: ~ high vibrations
“I am unique and worthy.”
“I am living in abundance.”
“This world is beautiful.”
“I have plenty of time to do all that I need.”
“I am confident and capable of achieving what I set out to do.”
Not this: ~ low vibrations
“I’m so awkward.”
“I’m not good at cooking healthy meals.”
“I don’t have enough time in the day.”
“I don’t have a good enough relationship with my significant other.”
“Life is so hard.” 
Positivity breeds positivity.

Replace low vibration thoughts with more uplifting, positive, mental formations when you catch your mind in the “beat myself up” gutter.

Whatever we put out into the Universe comes back to us with a force. When we understand this, we begin to grasp the immense potential of our thoughts, words, and action.

What am I sending out into the world?
And how does it reflect what I am attracting back to me?
How can I rephrase this thought into one that brings wonderful happenings into my life?

More life changing tips to harness the power of the Law of Attraction is to

  • Talk about your wants as if you already have them.
  • Envision yourself feeling the way you want to feel.
  • Pretend right now that you are feeling as joyful and elated as you will in the future when you obtain your goal.

Our dreams manifest into our realities when we align our thoughts, feelings and beliefs with them. Our dreams are unlikely to occur if we call to them from a place of lack, doubt or jealousy. When our emotions match the frequency of our desires, we have officially initiated the attraction process.

  • Example: You have the dream to move to Hawaii, but you simultaneously harbor a lot of doubt in yourself. Perhaps you are fearful due to your current financial situation or perceived lack of independence.
  • The result: Despite the feelings of enthusiasm and inspiration you feel when you envision your dream move to Hawaii, your are hindered by your immense emotions of lacking the capability to achieve it. In this frequency, you don’t feel abundant and you don’t feel ready to achieve.

In order to move forward and get to this place of cultivation:

you need to feel like you are worthy…

you need to feel like you are capable…

you need to expect that it is going to happen and

believe that it has already happened in the future.

You can change your thoughts at anytime, anywhere.

When we train our awareness and mind in erasing negative thought patterns, we take charge of our life. We start a new cycle of courage, hope, and possibility.

More importantly, practicing these new feelings puts us in a state of acceptance, so when the proper situations arise that can lead to our success, we are already receptive rather than resistant.

What if it was just that simple?
What if all we had to do in order to bring our dreams to life was to envision and feel that we already have.

While this maybe a new way of thinking for you, let me affirm its potency.

I first hand have experienced the magnitude of this truth time and time again.

Probably the biggest or most frequent way that I’ve noticed it happening has been through meeting people. Whether it has been through meaningful friendships, beneficial business partnerships, or manifesting my harmonious and supportive relationship, my application of the Law of Attraction has brought people to my reality that have absolutely shifted my life in monumental ways.

I push away any doubt that comes into mind and I replace them with the feelings that honor my future meetings. I think about…

  • the gratitude for meeting this person
  • the welcoming of this relationship or experience into my life
  • the readiness, the expectation of, and the trust that it’s 100% going to happen in the future.

Whether we are doing so with awareness or not, every action, decision, thought and words of our life are functioning as channels and magnets, communicating our thoughts and emotions to the world and calling in back more of what we have sent out.

The beauty of this law is that it gives you the power to shift and change it, as you navigate the ever unfolding and evolving landscape of your life.

You are in control of what the finished picture could be life.
You are the grand architect of your life. What will you build?
Begin today.

Summary of helpful tips:
  • Write down your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, no matter how ingenuine it feels at first.
  • Speak as if you already have the thing you desire.
  • Feel as if you already have the thing you desire.
  • Write down your negative feelings with more positive ones such as
    gratitude love readiness appreciation acceptance opennessWith love,
With love,