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You Are Enough.

You are enough…

in this moment, in your current expression, exactly as you are.

You are the perfect embodiment of every moment, experience and lesson in your life thus far, and your personality, body, presence… the whole package… is a perfect representation of your inner knowing.

And that inner knowing is enough.

It’s ridiculous how enough you are!

I know… you may be rolling your eyes after reading that last sentence, your inner critic shouting from within, “No, I’m not!”

If you did indeed feel any degree of resistance, disbelief or frustration at the concept of your adequacies, then its time to tackle those nasty limiting beliefs that are telling you that you are not already whole, worthy and lovable.

This is not to say you are everything you ever will be. No, you’ll continue growing, stumbling occasionally and sitting with your mistakes. Even though you may not be flawless, does not mean you are not enough. You are enough from the depths of your being.

Just simply being is enough.

You don’t need to wait until you lose 10 pounds, score your dream job, or nab that cute guy you’ve been checking out at the gym for months to start believing it.

You can start believing it right now.

In order for us to rise to our fullest potential, we need to begin with a strong, firm foundation of self worth and love. Do not wait until you achieve your goals to start embracing your self-worth. In order to achieve your goals you must start believing that you are worthy of achieving them. You need to start believing that “you are enough.”

Right now. Exactly where you are in life.

You. Are. Enough.

The thing is… if you don’t feel enough, you may not even get started at all. “I’d like to apply to that job that I’m perfectly qualified for, but I don’t believe I’m enough,” says the inner critic.

Stop getting in the way of your own greatness.

By giving permission to your inner critic to crush your potential, you give away your power to rise to a life of your highest purpose. This inner critic does not see reality correctly. Our insecurities and self doubts are skewed perceptions of reality.

A sure trick to differentiate between reality and the inner critic’s perception of you is to compare your self-perception with how a loved one views you.

Do you have a best-friend that can’t stop singing your praises? Perhaps your romantic partner reminds you often of the characteristics that they adore and appreciate most about you. Even our colleagues or perfect strangers can reflect our admirable and strong qualities.

When I lose sight of my worth, it does not take long to reaffirm my greatness through the reflections of those who love me most.

Learn to view yourself through the eyes of those who believe in you.

Their view, belief and confidence in you may be different than how you choose to see yourself.

Though most importantly, know that you do not need to receive external affirmations of your perfection. The true way of keeping the inner critic in check is coming to understand for yourself that you are enough. Begin by building awareness of your thoughts and when you find yourself berating or belittling yourself, comparing yourself to others or telling yourself you’re not enough this or that, step in and call the inner critic out.

The inner critic has a tendency to size ourselves up to others, comparing our own uniqueness to the expression, successes and lives of others.

Comparing ourselves to others is futile.

Marvel at your own existence. There has never been, nor will there ever be again, anyone quite like you. You could spend a lifetime feeling small in the brightness of ourselves, or you can let loose the celebration of all that is you.

Shine in all that you are.

It’s often in moments of emotional lows that we witness the inner critic come out in full force. With a growing awareness you can begin to recognize this inner critic as a bully and learn to not take their stories and jabs to heart. Learn to not think of yourself as “too much” or “too little” and sit with your emotions with patience, compassion and curiosity.

What are you feeling?

And what is it trying to tell you?

What shadow is coming to the surface so that you may shine light onto it?

If you're having a tough time, just know that all that you're experiencing is a part of this grand emotional palate we are gifted with in life. Your emotions, both heavy and light, are beautiful and they make you human.

There’s no room for bullies inside your own head.

There’s already enough forces in the world that are trying to put us down and make us feel inferior to others.

Be your own “knight in shining armor.”

Take out the mental trash and tell the inner critic that you won’t tolerate their put downs anymore.

This won’t always be achieved with ease. For many of us, we are working against years of selling ourselves short and chewing ourselves down with negative self-talk, whether internally or out loud.

Be patient with yourself.

If you don’t see results immediately, don’t use it as fuel to further beat yourself down.

No matter how many times you may fall, know that you’re worth the battle.

Get back up.

When the inner critic comes picking for a fight, open your heart to self-compassion. A remarkable tool to spark your compassion is to envision yourself when you were a small child. Children can be prone to feeling scared, small, lost… hold yourself as a small child, speaking tender and kind words of comfort. We tend to treat children with gentleness due to their innocence. Why treat yourself any differently?

Take a deep breathe. Say to yourself…

“I love and accept myself, unconditionally, as I am, right now.”

Return to this affirmation each time you catch yourself putting yourself down. Hold yourself accountable to being kinder and more supportive of your journey. You have the capacity to be your greatest support and cheerleader.

The best kind of love is without conditions.

A love of this power, strength and magnitude dwells within you, always. It does not care what size you are, what your complexion is like, if you excel in school or not. It simply exists, without expectation or demands of performance or status.

Bathe in this love.

Nurture and cultivate it. Care for it and yourself as you would a small child.

And watch it grow.

Your love has the power to heal the whole world. For now, let it heal you. All you need to do is step out of its way.

You are enough.

All my love,


3 Tips to Relieve Anxiety and Depression

When striving towards our optimum health and wellbeing, mental and emotional health is often left on the sidelines. But in order to be the best versions of ourselves, it is vital to incorporate practices into our lives that consider a whole body, mind and spirit approach.

Feeling anxious, frantic and out of control? Experiencing episodes of deep sadness, lack of motivation and self-deprecating thoughts?

I’m here to tell you that you are not alone and that there are steps you can take TODAY to bring more love, clarity and acceptance into your life. Make the decision to start NOW. The sooner you begin, the closer you are to your goals.

Step 1: Cultivate a daily movement practice

It is no surprise that exercise and movement supports emotional well-being and our overall happiness.

Studies show that twenty-one minutes is all it takes for exercise to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

There is an abundance of different forms of physical activities to explore from weightlifting, yoga, running and swimming to hiking, hula hooping or having a one person dance party to your favorite songs.

Consider taking a walk around your neighborhood or a nearby park and receive the benefits of breathing fresh air and expressing gratitude to the natural world around you. Stay open-minded and find one or many forms of movement that excite you!

Step 2: Make time for self care

We are all gifted with our own individuality, so your regime or needs around self-care will be just as unique and diverse as your own interests and passions.

Self care is the foundation for manifesting your dreams into reality.

When visited by a case of the blues, give yourself permission to take care of you. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so before considering showing up for anyone else, put yourself first.

~ Maybe this means taking a hot bath with lavender essential oil, which has been proven to ease the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

~ Build a nest out of blankets on the floor and listen to a playlist of uplifting and positive songs that are aligned with your true goals and intentions of happiness.

~ Take time to journal or sketch what it is that you are experiencing internally. Take the time to be present and feel your emotions.

Comfort and tend to yourself as you would if you were a small child.

We often hear the call and need from the world for more compassion, patience and kindness. Who better to begin with than ourselves? You are deserving and worthy of your own love and care.

Step 3: Practice daily affirmations

Our emotional state is often influenced by the limiting beliefs and thoughts dished out by our inner critic. These thoughts can be self-deprecating, judgmental and downright cruel at times. It will be of little surprise that we feel discouraged and depressed when we take the time to witness our inner attitude and condition of our self worth. Just like how we can transform our bodies through proper diet and exercise, we too can shape the way we perceive ourselves. Our actions are results of our thoughts, so we must switch them from negative and doubtful to positive and hopeful.

Each morning when you wake up say to yourself, “I love you.”

When you are facing yourself in the mirror try “I accept myself unconditionally” or “I deserve to be happy and healthy.”

Practice this for 30 days straight and see if you see a shift in your feelings and overall self-image. Try to incorporate affirmations throughout the day. You can write them down or on sticky notes where you can see them and be reminded of your worth, say them out loud when looking in a mirror and share them with your loved ones.

You are worthy of happiness.

The path to emotional well-being is a lifelong venture of self-acceptance, healing and unconditional love. Like most things in life, there will be ups and downs. If you slip and fall into ruts or old habits, it’s okay!

Be gentle with yourself. Remember to breathe, say “I love you” to yourself and know that there is an abundance of support for you in the world. While a complete transformation is not guaranteed overnight, it’s a process well worth pursuing.

You are deserving of all of life’s blessing.

Happiness is possible.



Releasing Love That Does Not Serve You

Are you hanging onto a partner who does not value your presence in their life? Does your relationship inspire feelings of self-doubt and lack of confidence instead of sparks of aliveness? Are you constantly feeding your time and energy into a one-way relationship when your other doesn’t meet you halfway?

If your relationship feels loveless, hostile and stingy, this message is for you.

How do you feel in the presence of your love? If your answer reveals pain, mistrust and a closed heart, consider this your wake up call to reassess if you are in a relationship that serves your highest potential or fails to nourish your growth.

The time is now.

Our thoughts shape our reality and inform our choices by shaping what we believe to be possible. Feeding the fear that you won’t experience love again is not only enforcing a limiting belief, it’s accepting an utter lie as truth. Each and every one of you possesses unfathomable depth to offer to a partner.

You are worthy of a relationship that adds value to your life, appreciates and respects your needs and desires and celebrates all that you are.

And the sooner you embrace these truths in place of the false views that keep you holding onto lower vibrational relationships, the sooner you’ll make room for partnerships that truly nourish you and your growth.

It can feel frightening bringing a partnership to an end. Not only do we create great emotional and at times logistical entanglements with lovers (such as shared homes, friends, activities), but we also grow accustomed to not facing the occasional loneliness that can come from being alone.

Do not let the fear of loneliness stop you from making room for the beloved that will make you give thanks it never worked out with all the others.

Make room in your life to rediscover yourself in the rebirth of breathing life back into your energy by releasing those who drain it.

We can only attract that which we perceive as possible. What qualities in a partner do you desire?

Name what you’re calling in. Get clear on what you want.

Do you desire a relationship filled with laughter and enthusiastic curiosity? Do you crave a lover who supports you in your life purpose and pursuits? Do you long for a companion who listens patiently and with deep understanding when you share vulnerabilities?

Start believing you are deserving and worthy of this kind of love.

You are strong and capable of transforming your life. It begins with you rejecting abuse and people who don't see your worth. Love and respect yourself and when you set this bar where it belongs, you will not accept anything less. You don't deserve anything less.

Make room in your life for someone who treats you the way you treat yourself: with compassion, consideration and love.

Find the courage you take the step. It already dwells within you.


You are courageous and able to release all that does not serve you.

You are deserving of loving relationships that nourish and encourage your growth.

You are worthy of a life of passionate love and awe-provoking connection.

It begins with you.



Your Body, Your Choice: A Letter to Women and Girls Worldwide

Dear Sisters,

We may come from different walks of life, whether our diversity be in nation, race, sexuality, ability status, class, body type, passions… but what we all share is the persistent pressure to meet demanding and often unrealistic beauty standards and expectations. These pressures may include:

» Removing your body hair.
» Wearing a “perfect” face with makeup.
» Enhancing your cleavage with push up bras.
» Shaving your hand hair.
» Lightening your skin.
» Covering all of your body.

I receive inquiries and requests for advice often.
  • A woman from Saudi Arabia doesn’t want to cave to pressure from family to shave her hand hair (a common and expected practice in her country.)
  • A young girl from Washington is comfortable with her leg hair, but fears wearing shorts and skirts in public from past experiences of her peers taunting her.
  • A women from England prefers to not wear makeup, but feels discouraged by her friends and co-workers telling her she looks “sick” or “tired.”
  • Not to mention the countless messages, emails and comments on my channel telling me I’m “ugly”, “disgusting” and “need to shave my hairy armpits.”

It’s not an easy path to deviate from societal norms, but it’s also a path of strength and confidence building.
This is not to say to cave into these pressures is a weakness. I am not writing this to shame those who choose to align their hygiene, aesthetic or clothing routine to that of what society asks of them. I will always encourage you to do what feels best for you.

What feels best for you?
  • Removing your body hair
  • Letting it go free?
  • Wearing makeup because you enjoy it as a form of expression
  • Embracing your natural beauty?
  • Accepting your body RIGHT NOW as it is?

Your defiance to your cultural norms may make others uncomfortable. This discomfort will bring them to witness their deep-rooted ideas of beauty from the seeds of their cultural conditioning.

I applaud you for being a shining example that women still are beautiful, desirable and MOST IMPORTANTLY deserving of respect regardless of how we choose to present our bodies. If you choose to not live up to what your society says you “have to do”, you are a living, embodied protest able to remind all who challenge you just of that fact.

It is your body. It is your choice. And no one has the right or place to make you feel less for it.
I want to live in a world where all beings can feel free to express their true and authentic self in ways that are fulfilling to them without fear of ridicule, isolation and judgment. Where when a woman decides to shift her appearances in any way, it’s allowed to be a genuine choice and not compliance to severe societal pressures.
Thank you for helping all sisters be true to themselves. Through liberating yourself, you liberate others.

All my love,