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Does This Choice Honor Myself?

Are you trying to stay committed to a clean, whole foods diet, yet occasionally struggling with temptations from old eating habits? Are you seeking the motivation to get active and moving on the daily, but are confronted with fatigue each time you try?

When venturing to get going or choose wisely, try to return to this mantra to support you in making the best choice:

I make decisions that honor myself.

Use this mantra as a rubric to decide whether the path your trekking leads to holding you to your highest potential.

  • Does this choice honor myself?
  • Is this the best way I can show myself love and appreciation?
  • Is this the best I can do in this moment?

Perhaps you’re out on a business lunch with colleagues and you’re torn between the meal choice of a heavy sandwich that will leave you feeling drained and trapped in a food coma or a fresh garden salad that will energize you and your productivity for the rest of the day. Which do you choose? Ask yourself… which of these options better honors myself?

I want you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself at your greatest potential.

This will look differently for all of us individually.

Perhaps you envision yourself at your peak physical performance and physique, achieving gains and progress you always dreamed of. Or maybe you picture yourself preppin’ a wholesome meal of fresh, vibrant produce you just purchased at the farmer’s market. You might even see yourself in a loving and kind relationship, whether that be with a lover, a good friend, or how you relate to yourself.

Whatever your dream self looks like to you, know that the potential of this individual already dwells within you. And the secret of unveiling your future, optimal self is in making choices TODAY that are aligned with your higher self.

Repeat after me: I have a clear and direct communication with my higher self.

Your higher self is fueled and inspired by your utmost self-respect, self-love and commitment to evolving to your greatest potential. Your higher self is committed to treating themselves with compassion, acceptance and celebration.

Have confidence and assurance in the wisdom and intelligence of your higher self to make decisions that put the care of your mind, body and spirit as your greatest priority.

Do not mistaken this advice as a pursuit of purity. I am not encouraging you to beat yourself up when you “slip up” and make choices that may not come from the optimally healthy fitness queen within. Perhaps the “naughty” choice time and again is the “healthy’ choice.

We can just as easily make ourselves sick with torment over resisting the temptation for that carton of vegan Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge calling your name from the frozen aisle after a long, draining work at week. Or maybe you really should listen to your body’s demands for rest instead of the gym.

Listen to your thoughts and desires with inquisitiveness and curiosity.

You will learn with time and practice the difference between rampant cravings and excuses to acceptable desire and need for rest. If you ever find yourself swimming in regret from the results of a choice, please… put down the bat and pick up a feather. We are all students learning from experience.

The more you choose health promoting habits and actions, the less desirable the low bar foods and behaviors will feel.

Maybe you cave to that craving or you want to allow yourself a treat? It is more than possible that you will one day reach a point where you are aligned and attuned with your body in such a way that freshly sliced pineapple will satisfy your sweet tooth in a superior way to that creamy, chocolate fudge ice cream. Or a session on your yoga mat will seem more invigorating and energy producing than skimming the channels from the couch.

You are on your way to your best, most vibrant and highest potential self.

How can you honor yourself today?

I believe in you.



The Method I Use To Make Difficult Life Decisions

The other day, I stumbled upon this quote by Nelson Mandela:

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

And it really struck me. I found myself reflecting on various outcomes in moments I made choices based on fears and beliefs of scarcity, feeling inadequate or terrified of potential results of my decision. The patterns that surfaced in this reflection struck me with the same potency of Mandela’s quote; each time I made choices out of fear instead of from my hopes, bliss and joy, the end result was never satisfying. All I found was regret.

Many of us have been torn between the place of making a choice of love or fear.

Ever find yourself with a burning desire to stand up against an injustice you heard, but remained silent out of fear of criticism or rejection just to sink in the frustration and regret of not speaking up?

Have you stayed in a relationship with someone who didn’t appreciate you and drained you of precious energy because you feared being alone? Are you still working a job that you dread going to and is not aligned with your purpose because you don’t believe other opportunities will be made available to you?

Fear-based decisions are made from the seeds of our insecurities and more often than not blossom into regret. They often come from that nagging voice in our head screaming, “I better do this or else!”

Think back to the last big decision you had to make in your life. Did you find yourself giving away your power to someone else, whether that be your parents, boss, partner…? Chances are it was a choice birthed from fear.

Hope based decisions are rooted in trust and faith in the workings of the universe. Even if things do not fruit in the ways you desire, each time you make a choice out of love and plentitude and not lacking… You open the door of abundance.

Open yourself to the abundance of life.

With each risk you take to choose from hope, your belief in your abilities, competence and capability of manifesting your dream life grows. You can feel it in your whole body; the ease and joy that washes over you by saying “yes” and running towards what your heart song is calling for.

You playing small does not serve anyone.

Give yourself permission to fulfill your greatest and biggest dreams. Choose to dissolve fear. You will never know the excitement of the net catching you until you leap. It will take courage and bravery, but know you are capable of jumping with both feet.

If you’ve been following my adventure on the Appalachian Trail, then you know I recently was met with a big decision to make. I found myself standing at a fork on the road…

Path #1 leading me towards honoring my desires, reclaiming my former happiness and embracing vibrancy by making lifestyle choices available to myself that I KNOW serves me best.

Path #2 leading me towards pushing through physical and emotional challenges to make claim to the ambitious finish line I once aspired to.

I began asking myself, “Do you say goodbye to the trail to pursue your other dreams and better meet your needs (hope/love) or do you continue out of fear of others’ judgments and criticisms if you decide to let it go? (fear)”

I wrestled with which way to go, tossing between which direction was best for me, when I remembered words of advice I once received…

Always make growth decisions, not fear decisions.

And in this moment, as my fears and doubts dissolved, my path was illuminated with a brilliant clarity. I was ready to let go of this adventure.